January 2017

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights

THURSDAY Well is was cold last night at least for here.  Prediction was in the thirties but it looks like it went to 42.  My thermometer shows it got down […]

The Last Front

MONDAY Well its Tuesday afternoon and I just realized I did not write anything yesterday.  Except for the wind and a little bit of rain it was an uneventful day. […]

Solo Trip to Mexico

THURSDAY Mr first full day on my own.  Its been a long day so far.  The weather has been very cloudy and windy all day long, almost looks like snow […]

Soft Foods

MONDAY Started the day with Frosted Flakes, that is soggy milk soaked Frosted Flakes.  Four more days of soft foods and then I will get my crowns installed.  I was […]

Cloudy Days

THURSDAY Thursday was such a gloomy day that I never wrote in the blog, so catching up today. The cloud cover was heavy all day and it was a bit […]

Mexico again

Monday The clouds were pretty thick when we got up this morning and it pretty much stayed that way all day.  It did get up to the mid 70s late […]

Pizza Pizza

THURSDAY Woke to construction noise again this morning but when I got around to going outside and checking I did not see a lot of progress and the workers were […]

New Year 2017

MONDAY Today was a holiday for most and we took it easy also.  We do have plans for tomorrow.  Bonnie went out and did a little shopping and I fired […]

The Rest of the Story

Thursday A couple readers reported that I never finished the story of Bonnie getting lost, actually we lost Bonnie.  So here it is.  Bonnie is a shopper, so while I […]