The Rest of the Story


A couple readers reported that I never finished the story of Bonnie getting lost, actually we lost Bonnie.  So here it is.  Bonnie is a shopper, so while I was getting my eyes examined she browsed what there was to see along the street side walks and came back to the eye Drs.  Well she got impatient and while I was being measured for the frames and paying she took off again.  Chris warned her to stay close.  Having seen the sidewalk wares she wandered into the courtyards and alleys that parallel the Main Street.  We were finished in a few minutes and walked out hoping to see her nearby, no such luck.  We asked the eye Dr. to keep her there if she showed up and started looking for her.  We were walking up the street looking for her and Chris used her teachers voice to call BONNIE, BONNIE, but there was never an answer.  We went around the block and never saw her.  So we split up.  I eventually got back to the eye Dr and that had her corralled.  So now together we had to find Charles and Chris.  We were to meet on a corner but I did not see them there.  I headed for the last spot I had seen them and soon heard my name and there they were, we were all reunited.  So now you know The Rest of the Story.

We had another relaxing day.  Bonnie started a load of towels and I sat out in the sun reading for a while.  Bonnie wrote some postcards and letters while I was out.  Then we took off for the Post Office and took our water jugs to refill them at the water machines.  We did check our mailbox on the way back and had a nice card and an Angel ornament that she made.

I sat out some more and read until it was time for the news.  Bonnie was getting supper ready and baked some corn spoon bread that was very good with the ham and coleslaw.  Then a relaxing evening, Bonnie read and I watched some shows and movies on Netflix.


I did not finish relaxing yesterday so I worked on it quite a bit again today.  It was a bit overcast most of the day but it did get up to 72 so I went out to sit and read for a while this afternoon.  After I finished a magazine I grabbed the Scratch X 2.0 and a towel and worked on some more of the scratches on the side of the coach.  I spent quite a bit of time researching them last night.  I now know that they are from transfer.  The branches did not dig into the paint but the bark is now embedded into and on top of the clear coat.  It takes a fair amount of rubbing but I managed to remove the short sections I worked on.  Looks good again.  Just as I finished that it began to rain.  I thought it would stop so sat down to read another magazine, but it continued so I packed up and went inside.  It continued to rain off and on for several hours.

Bonnie wanted to try eating at Chicken on the Run, she had heard that they had good fish there on Fridays.  So I checked Yelp and bought a $20 Yelp Deal for $10.  We loaded up and headed to Chicken on The Run.  The staff was pretty friendly and we both enjoyed our meals.  Its a no frills place and the staff seems to know a lot of the people that come to eat or pick up take out.  I had chicken and Bonnie had the blackened catfish.

When we came out there was a rainbow.  I tried to capture it with my iPhone as it faded away.

We are in for the evening and working on the relaxing again.  This was posted on the Navy ET FB page I watch today.  Pretty ingenious.


A pretty mundane day for us.  I scanned in the months receipts with my ScanSnap scanner and then filled out the monthly budget sheet and looked at the year end totals.

About the time I finished all that Bonnie headed out on a shopping trip.  But a lot of the stores were closed so she was not gone long.  The sun was in and out from behind the clouds and I was only outside for a brief time to open the gate for Bonnie.  I did watch the end of the Alabama football game, Roll Tide.  They will be playing Clemson for the National Championship.  Looked like Ohio State did not really show up to play today.

There was a heavy cloud cover by sunset so it just got dark.  We FaceTimed with family and had a quiet evening.  I turned on TV to watch the ball drop in New York but it was not on, I guess the West coast does not care about New York.  So shortly after midnight our time we headed to bed.



We were up this morning and decided to try a different church to attend.  We headed for Stone Ridge Church and we arrived a bit early.

But it was not long before the service started.  The first was a talk with the couple that had led a Youth Mission Trip to New York City a couple weeks ago.  Then the Worship Team lead us in a few Praise songs.  That was followed by Pastor Sam who led us in Communion.  The sermon was the last in a series on Gifts and was delivered by the Small Groups Pastor Scott Little.

I enjoyed the service and it passed quickly.  Bonnie wanted to shop at Fry’s on the way home and we filled up the car and saved $.20 a gallon.

The rest of the day was sunny but cool so I stayed in and monitored the football games and watched Netflix.  Bonnie had bought some nice T-bone steaks and while I did them on the grill she made baked potatoes.  They were really good.

We also had a nice sunset for the first day of 2017.

Well this week ends on the first day of 2017.  Thanks For Checking In!




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  1. Happy trails and Happy New Year to you and Bonnie.

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