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Woke to construction noise again this morning but when I got around to going outside and checking I did not see a lot of progress and the workers were leaving.  I did see some neighbors putting up red ribbons on the posts so I am guess the neighbors who own the lot will be returning from Canada soon.  I know they were home for the holidays.  I also saw a new vent for the dryer and some scuffers to allow the rain to drain off the roof.

The rest of the day was reading and sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine even though it was a bit windy.  High was 76 and we were hearing from family in NY they had at least a foot of snow.  I also got a call that my glasses are ready in Algodones so we will try to make a dentist appointment for cleanings and plan to head back to Mexico next week to pick up the glasses and see the dentist.

We had clear but hazy blue skies all day today.  Then as the sunset a few clouds formed near the horizon.  This series of pictures were taken in about 20 minutes.


I also like the way the low sun makes shadows on the nearby mountains.  Sorry about the power lines

So ends another winter day in Yuma.


Beautiful out today nothing but blue sky looking down toward Mexico.

Not quite as warm today mid 60s but there was a cool breeze.  Bonnie had a massage appointment, I stayed home and took out the trash.  Then I got a shower and read a little.  She was back in a little over an hour.

Tonight was pizza night and right at 5pm Chris and Charles picked us up.  We headed over to Fortuna Avenue and a place called Da Boyz Pizza.  We had coupons for the family feast – Pizza, Spaghetti and Salad. Mickey and Lynne joined us and we had a good time and the pizza was good.

We only ate the pizza and planned to eat the rest for meals at home.  It was pretty noisy in the restaurant so Chris suggested we get the rest of our food and head home to their place so we could talk and hear each other.  We dropped our food off at our coach and then spent the evening with our 6 new friends.  Yes six because I think Bailey and Pepper are liking us also.  Charles, Lynne and I have a trip planned for in the morning so we headed home a little after 10 hoping to get to bed early.


Boys morning out today.  I set the alarm for 7:30 had my breakfast and coffee.  Charles and Lynne picked me up at 9:00 and we headed to the Yuma Fairgrounds to walk around the Gun Show.  First one I remember going to.  It was interesting mostly older guns and all kinds of stuff even jewelry to appeal to the women that came with their husbands.  I even saw a saxophone for sale.

Lots of scopes

A good selection of old locks

and strong boxes

Looks like an authentic stage strong box

Shackles and a ball and chain

Need a magazine its probably here.  Lots of extended ones.

Tuned in to some movies and shows today.  I started rewatching Downton Abbey, wow did I miss a lot the first time.  Just a little to nippy to sit out side today.  I did go out and dumped the tanks today and snapped a sunset picture.

After almost two months we got a message from Blue cross that they denied a claim from Bonnie’s accident in Yosemite.  So I looked on line but there is no reason shown, so Monday I will start appealing that.  Now for some football, hoping Seattle wins tonight.  And they did.


Up this morning and we headed to church.  This was the third church we have attended here in Yuma and we both agree its the one we will keep going to.

Freedom Baptist.  Its only about 5 minutes away, plenty of parking and the second service which we attended was pretty full.  Pastor Chad has lots of energy and enthusiasm.  The worship team had guitars, piano, choir and even an organ.

After church we stopped and filled up our water jugs for the week and check the mailbox and headed home.  Got home in time to watch the second half of the Steelers game and see them win.  I had just taken a picture of the electric meter, when

the landlord emailed me and asked if they could come over to pick up the rent check.  I sent her the picture and she figured out our electric, which was $88 for the 5 weeks we have been here so far. We had a nice visit when they came over and caught up on their trip home to Vancouver, WA for Christmas.

Once they left I tuned over to the Packers game.  They had me worried the first half but happy to see them win in the end.  It was cold up there 12º.  At halftime I did watch another episode of Downton Abbey.  Just as the game was ending I took out the trash and rolled the tote out to the street for tomorrows pickup.  Then I sat down to watch the sunset.

I also spotted Dennis out for his evening walk with the dogs.  Cody rides and Bruno walks most of the time.

That’s about it for this week. Oh I did check on the project next door and the owners are back from Canada and the house looks like it is ready on the outside for stucco.

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  1. Bob, saw you mentioned a sax. Did you play?

      1. I certainly consider myself musically challenged as well. I would love to be able to sing and play the piano and organ. I tried the sax and clarinet in high school but never got the hang of it.

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