Mexico again


The clouds were pretty thick when we got up this morning and it pretty much stayed that way all day.  It did get up to the mid 70s late in the afternoon so that was good.  I spent several hours on line in a chat session trying to fix my Family Tree Program that will not go online.  We deleted and reinstalled and tried a number of things but nothing worked.  Finally I asked him to call me, but they do not do phone support.  Not a big enough company, baloney, I call it poor customer support.  Wednesday we may try to do a remote session.  Then I called Blue Cross to see why our claim was denied.  They said not to worry about it they requested more info from the Clinic at Yosemite NP.  So I called them but no help there as most of them have been evacuated due to flooding from all the rain.  Hopefully their staff will be allowed back by the middle of the week.

Bonnie left to go shopping and I tried to watch some shows online but the data connection was really slow and kept buffering not a good experience today.  Maybe tonight will be better.  So I spent a lot of time today trying to wrap up some loose ends but did not accomplish much.  One thing I did get done was to clean the inside of the grill, so that is good to go.

Bonnie came home with a bunch of groceries and we watched the evening news as the sunset.

The reds were really bright tonight.

Twenty minutes later it looked completely different but I did not capture it.  Hope you are not bored with the sunsets, most nights we just sit here and say WOW!  Tomorrow we head South of the Border.  Lots of dry wall went up next door today but its all inside.


The alarm sounded very loud at 7:30 this morning when it went off.  We had a bite to eat and our coffee and then we were on our way to Algodones, Mexico again.  Todays trip was to pick up my new glasses and to get our teeth cleaned and a dental check up.  I was expecting to be told my teeth are worn out and need some fixing up, I was not disappointed.  More on that later.  Bonnie also has a recommendation to have some work done.

While we were headed to Mexico our friend Charles was having cataract surgery on his second eye, we sure hope that it is as successful as the first one.  We did hear that all went well, now he just needs to recuperate for a few days.

Its less than 30 miles to the border crossing near Algodones.  Plenty of room in the huge $6 parking lot.  We parked and walked across the border, no stop for even an ID check.  First stop was Meyer Optical for my glasses.  They called the lab on the radio and a few minutes later my glasses were delivered and I tried them on.  They fit pretty good and no adjustments were needed.

The Rx is a little stronger so it may take a day or two to feel normal again when I look at things. But for now I am good to go.

We were 45 minutes early but we headed over to La Cholla Dental for our appointments.  I sat down and Bonnie went out to browse (shop/buy).  This is Dr Martinez the owner of the practice and this is the reception area.  Offices are small here and normally one or two dentists.  If you need a specialist they come to the office and see you.  Guess it helps to hold the costs down.

I asked about WiFi and the receptionist/interpreter signed me into their system, very nice.  I caught up on some things on the internet.  I should mention that we put our phones either off or in the airplane mode when in or near Mexico, I don’t want those roaming charges.  Bonnie found her Barrel Cactus and came back with that and left again. Right at 11 which was our appointment time we were told that they were running 20 minutes late, nice to know right away.  Twenty minutes later I was in the chair.  Dr Jasmine is my dentist.

She seemed to understand my questions but answered in Spanish and the translator related them to me.  They both were very pleasant.  Dr Jasmine used a hand held wand that had a camera in it to show me what was going on with my teeth and explained each problem.  I am like an old horse, long in the tooth.  My teeth are worn down and fractured.  Which my dentist back in NY has told me for quite a few years.  Algodones is known as a high tech dental area, there are over 350 dentists in a 5 block area, competition is good as costs are 70-75% less than in the us.  If a dentist is not good they are gone.  The practice we are going to has been used by people we know for a long time, so we feel comfortable coming here.  Here the dentist also does the cleaning, so not a lot of staff.  Today our cleaning and exam were $40.  Saturday we go back for Bonnie to see a specialist and they will be doing prep on me for some crowns.

After our appointments we headed back toward the border hoping to avoid the long afternoon lines.  Bonnie had to borrow some money from me to back up a shark tooth necklace she had made.  When we got to the border the line was just out to the street, the line moved pretty fast and we were back in the USA in 16 minutes.  Thirty minutes later we were home.

Bonnie called some relatives and I got online and made her a shuttle reservation to get to the Phoenix Airport Next week.  Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and entering events in our calendar.  Then came the sunset.  There was a parade of golf carts and ATV, even a car to the little hill out in the desert.

The clouds were a bit yellow to start.

The blue sky was a beautiful shade of blue.

Then the clouds turned red as on of the local jets flew over with lots of hardware hanging from its wings.  Moving way to fast to get a good picture in low light.

The sunsets have not gotten old to us

Once again I wish the camera was as good as my eyes.

The end of another nice winter day here in Yuma.


Cloudy at first this morning and then it cleared up and we had nice blue skies.  It was a bit cool all day but it was nice enough to sit out in the sun.  Bonnie cycled through the laundry all day and I think the last load is in now.  I sat out and talked to our lot mates for a while.  Found out why they are gone most mornings.  They are golfers and play almost every day.  Then I sat and read my kindle for a couple hours while I worked on adjusting to the new glasses.  They seem to be fine most of the time but inside the coach they still seem different I think it is the lighting.

I did take a break and checked the water in the coach batteries, they only took about a cup of water after about 5 weeks.

Earlier today I tried to watch some Netflix but gave up.  I could see at least 20 hotspots on line from my laptop.  Just too many people trying to use a limited resource.  As more people roll into town it will only get worse.

I did some reading up on my camera and figured out how to put it in the time-lapse mode.  So late this afternoon I dug out my tripod and set up the camera to take a picture every minute for about 50 minutes.  Here is tonights sunset.  It is about 50 minutes from the first picture to the last.


Last picture of the evening is a closeup of the Ocotillo Cactus, not really a true cactus, seen in the distance.  It looks like it is starting to get some buds.

Thats it for the beginning of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!



  1. Take a picture of the barrel cactus please. I was hoping to see it.

  2. Amazing pictures!!
    Thanks Bob.

  3. could never get tired of those sunsets- wow

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