Cloudy Days


Thursday was such a gloomy day that I never wrote in the blog, so catching up today.

The cloud cover was heavy all day and it was a bit cool so I never did make out to sit and read.  The internet continues to be painfully slow.  I started an episode of Downton Abbey that played part with through  with frequent stops until it refused to go any further, I did not get to finish it until late in the evening.  Even our Verizon LTE is less than 1Mb.  Both it and T-Mobile have 4 or 5 bars but are just totally overloaded.  I did walk down to to the mail box and picked up our mail shipment from Americas mail box.  That brought the bill for Bonnie’s one mile ambulance ride in Yosemite National Park, $900 plus $30 for mileage.  Seems a bit excessive to me.  Of course it was not submitted to insurance so I had to call about that.  The Park clinic told me there are two separate billing companies as the ambulance service is completely separate.  I reminded her that the same person that drove the ambulance was the person that treated her at the clinic.  That struck a nerve so I backed off.  She gave me the phone number to call and I got a very nice and helpful person there.  She added our insurance information and said she would submit the claim.  Guess I will have to follow up with that later.

So I read some and the afternoon passed quickly.  I would guess I am a bit concerned about all the dental work coming up on Saturday and also I am still trying to get used to the new glasses.  No sunset tonight with all the clouds.  T-Mobile was pretty good in the evening and I watched a little Netflix.  My computer was acting goofy all day, I often would get two b’s when I was trying to type one.  They it would not connect to the internet.  I finally shut it down and it has been fine ever since.  That brings us to today.


Today is cloudy again but not quite as bad as yesterday.  I did manage to watch an episode of a new to me series called The Crown on Netflix and another episode of Downton with just a few pauses for buffering.  I think The Crown will be interesting.  I have not felt 100% the past couple of days once again I think it is the pending dental work.  We that started tomorrow morning, my appointment is at 10am. So we will leave here a little after 9am.  I hope also to get the fit of my glasses checked as we walk right by the Optician.  Bonnie is making Goulash for supper which I really like so I am looking forward to that.  It is a little warmer today so I may go out and read a little.

Well the wind picked up and the sun went away so I only went out long enough to take the trash out to the front of the lot where the trash cans are.  We had a FaceTime call from a friend and my son called and talked to us on his way home.  He is getting a crown also, he already had his prep work.  Bonnie made goulash in the IP for supper and it came out delicious. There was enough to freeze so I can eat it while I have my temporary crowns or while Bonnie is back in NY.

So a little TV now and then I hope to get to bed right after Blue Bloods for a good nights sleep.


This morning we were up at the crack of dawn, well maybe a little bit later.  We are headed to Mexico for a 3-4 hour procedure at the dentists for me.  Bonnie is also to see the specialist to see why her bite is off and she is not using her molars to chew.

We were in the parking lot at Andrade, CA in just over thirty minutes, paid our $6.00 and found a good parking spot, close to the ramp.  We walked over the border, no Mexican check point again.  We walked down to the dentists politely saying we were all set to the many hawkers selling their wares or trying to get us to use their dentist.  We were about 10 minutes early and Dr. Jazmin Rios DDS was about 15 minutes late.  Once she got there we got started, I was happy they came in on Saturday to work on me.  Since I was in the chair for about 4 hours while she took impressions, prepped 19 teeth for crowns, and made temporary crowns I did get to try to take some selfies after she finished the top teeth.  I think she likes her picture taken.  Wow that light is bright.

Without the light.

So after 4 hours I was all set.  Dr Jasmine is just finishing up the temporary crowns.  She has been a Dentist for 4 years.  Seemed very good at what she was doing to me.  I had no pain except toward the end of the top when she pushed the string material in around my teeth to take the impressions, I think the Novocaine was wearing off, but it was not bad and the rest was painless.

While I was being seen Bonnie saw the Specialist who suggested she needs braces and if she wears them for 3 months she should be all good again.  So our plans for leaving here may change and we could be here longer than we expected.  She likes him and has an appointment for Feb 10th when she gets back.

So I paid half the bill, received two RXs and we were on our way to face the line at the border.  I did make a stop at the opticians and had a small adjustment made to my glasses. We also stopped at the Purple Pharmacy and picked up the RXs.  Then we got in line.

There was a spot on a bench and Bonnie let me sit there while she walked back to the end of the line.  This is why we try to go early and get out of there by noon.  While I waited the numbness faded and still no pain.  But I was beat, I think I was a bit stressed over this whole procedure and it took its toll.  Stress is not good for you.While I waited in line I did see some interesting people and talked some to the people on the bench around me.  I even saw Micky Mouse.  Imagine carrying that large Piñata for an hour in that line.

Well it took about an hour but Bonnie made it back to me, then it took us another 30 minutes from here to get through the line.  Only two agents working, they have room for 4 lines, such a shame.  We made it to the car and I had asked Bonnie to drive, which I think she had already decided to to.  No problems getting home.  We checked the mail and had a letter from the Freedom Baptist Church and when we got home Dennis our lot mate brought over a Freedom Friendship Cookie mix that someone from the Church had dropped off today.

Bonnie fixed me a backed potato for supper.  I am to eat soft food with the temporary crowns.  Of course the one in the very back came off on about the third bite.  No pain and I will try to get something to fix it at CVS tomorrow.  Its going to be a long 5 days.  Lots of soup I guess.  May have to go on Ensure.

I did catch the end of the SeaHawks Game, sorry to see them lose, also sorry to see New England win.  Thats about it for tonight I am beat.


I slept good last night and no discomfort.  I did take the ibuprofen as directed and rinsed with the disinfectant as directed. This morning we were up and after I carefully ate some soggy cornflakes we headed for Freedom Baptist for the second morning worship service.  Pastor Chad had a good sermon on A Revoked Man Card.  If you read the referenced verses in the picture you will understand.

These young girls were really nervous but did a very good job with their song, one little mistake at the very end spoiled it for them but not for us.  Good Job Girls.

After church we headed to CVS to pick up some temporary dental cement to try to get my crown put back on.  Bonnie made corn beef hash for lunch and after that I tried to re cement my tooth with no luck, it did not even act like it wanted to stay in place.

I had some request for a picture of the metal barrel cactus that Bonnie bought so here it is.  I put it up on on a metal urn that she also got.

The sun is out some today so perhaps we will get a nice sunset.  Now for some football, I am pulling for Green Bay and later the Steelers.  Well Green Bay got the job done, go Packers.

I set the trash can out not sure if it will get picked up as tomorrow is a holiday.  Well no color in the sunset tonight so no pictures.  Going to watch the game so I will get this posted.  Thanks For Checking In.