Soft Foods


Started the day with Frosted Flakes, that is soggy milk soaked Frosted Flakes.  Four more days of soft foods and then I will get my crowns installed.  I was happy to watch the Steelers win last night.

Bonnie started some wash and 3 loads pretty much take all day.  Then she made some corn chowder not only for supper but there is plenty for me to eat once she leaves on Wednesday.  My gums and jaw are a bit sore today so I pretty much just took it easy.

My FaceBook page was cloned and my Granddaughter reported that.  Plus a few messages from folks that got friend requests.  I tell people if you get a friend request from someone you are friends with, check it out.  Usually I look to see how many friends they have on the new profile.  Usually its one or two.  Then I click on the mark in the upper right corner and follow the prompts to report it to FB.  Usually they take it down in a matter of minutes.

I turned on my Tire Pressure Monitor today and the tires are all holding right at the pressure they were when we got here.  That was nice to see.  The Corn Chowder was nice and soft and delicious.

Although it was pretty cloudy all day, they broke up enough that we had a sunset with a little bit of color.

Thats about it for Monday.


Pretty cool night I even turned my mattress pad up a little, then I slept good.  Beautiful clear skies today but it took until late afternoon to reach 70 and then it cooled off fast.  Not much happening today.  Bonnie packed and I made a run to the water vending kiosk to get our water for the week.

When I got back I sat outside for an hour or so and talked to Dennis our lot-mate.  We got to talking about the water here and where we get it.  He gets his from a kiosk that says Salt free and pays $1.00 for 5 gallons.  So I told him about my TDS meter and measuring the total dissolved solids.  So I went and got my meter.  I checked our tap water it read 676, the water I got at the kiosk was 9 and when we checked Dennis’s his read 9 also.  So I am guessing its the same water.

We had sweet potatoes for supper but I think we both are still hungry.  The sunset was unimpressive tonight so no pictures.  Hopefully we will get to bed early as we plan to get up at 4:30am and get Bonnie to the shuttle for her trip home.


Wow the alarm went off at 4:30am this morning, what were we thinking.  Bonnie was up first and I gave her a ten minute head start.  Then I got up, no coffee or breakfast for either of us.  Boy it is dark out.  I had backed the car in last night so we put the two suitcases in the back seat, Bonnie opened the gate and we were on our way.  It was only a ten minute drive to the Chevron station where she was to meat the shuttle.  We parked in front of the store as its a rather large station.  We could see most of the place and the highway.  Right at 5:30 the 1st Class shuttle van pulled in.  By the time Bonnie got on and seated there was only one empty seat, good that we had reservations.  She called later once she got to the gate at the airport and said the ride was ok and that traffic was very heavy in Phoenix.  I think it took about 3.5 hours.

As she pulled away I headed home, got through the gate and back into the coach.  I headed to bed for a few more hours of sleep.  Just as I was getting up was when Bonnie called.  I was tracking her in-bound flight and all looked to be on time.  I think she ended up leaving about 15 minutes late.

After catching up on the blogs I read and email I periodically checked on Bonnies flight progress.  Then it was a very nice day so I went outside to read.  I dumped both tanks while I was out and got some reading done.  I also had a couple phone calls so the afternoon passed quickly.  Soon the breeze picked up and it cooled off quickly as the sun started to sink.

Right after I got settled inside I received a text and picture that Bonnie had made it.

She looks great after having traveled almost 12 hours.  I finished watching the news and did manage to get a sunset picture after the news.

You can see the buds on the Ocotillo, hopefully it will flower soon.

Thats it for the first part of this week.  Our friends and neighbors headed for Quartzsite this morning so I am on my own for a while.

Thanks For Checking In!





  1. Good morning Bob. Well Shawn and I traded in our class C in that we bought new in August and today pick up our 2017 class A which even has two bathrooms. Wish we had seen it first before the class c, but believe we have everything anyone could possibly want in this coach.
    Happy traveling. We will head to vero beach to a military vehicle show next week and then head to Biloxi and Texas.

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