Solo Trip to Mexico


Mr first full day on my own.  Its been a long day so far.  The weather has been very cloudy and windy all day long, almost looks like snow clouds.  Even though its 68 out it still feels quite cool.  I did not even open the door on the coach today.  I read my email and my blogs and thats about it.  I also found the swifter pads and mopped the floors.  I even watched some daytime TV and remembered why we don’t watch it, not much there to interest me.

The sunset was not too impressive tonight.

Well tomorrow is the Inauguration and it looks like I will be out of the country and in the dentists chair.  Thats about it from here.


It was still almost dark when I got up this morning for my first ever solo trip to Mexico.  It was cloudy and I had heard a little rain during the night and there were some drops on the windows of the coach.  But as I left and headed for Algodones it was not raining.  Today I had a 10:00am dentist appointment to get my 19 crowns fitted and permanently cemented on.  I was a bit bummed as I really wanted to watch President Trump get sworn in and knew I would miss it.

No problems or check again going across the border.  I paid my $6 to park and walked into Mexico.  The parking lot was a bit fuller than it was the other times but I actually got a spot in the first row of regular parking right close to the gate.  I was a few minutes early but there was an emergency case in the chair.  A man had a bridge come loose.  So they were working on him.  They sent his bridge to the lab to get it relined and said it would be a few minutes.  While they waited they prepared the room for me and set up the other room for to finish him.

While we were waiting I was able to find a website that was streaming the Presidents speech so I was able to see most of it.    Inauguration Day is always a great day for me.  I love to watch the peaceful almost instantaneous transfer of power and responsibility to the new President.  Anyway the new administration is in my prayers and I hope they are very successful. If they are, that means America will be successful.

So the other patient was soon finished up and Dr Jasmine started on me.  She made sure each of the 19 crowns fit and showed me how they looked.  With my approval she quickly cemented all of them in place.  A few minor adjustments on the molars and I was headed for the parking lot again.  It was just afternoon but the line was already getting long.

There seemed to be more vendors than last time.  We are headed down to where the flag is.  I got to talking to the guys in line with me.  They were both Canadians and both own houses here.  They spend 6 months here and then back home.

Toward the right of this picture can you see a certain NFLs team colors?

There were only 2 lines open again today and our agent was pretty grumpy, he was correcting everyone including me.  But in the end he left me back into My country.  Only 52 minutes in line today.  I needed some milk and so I made my first stop at the 99¢ store.  However a gallon of milk was 199¢, still not too bad.

By then I was starving and I treated my self at Dairy Queen.

Wow was the wind blowing as I got close to the Foothills area.  The air was full of sand and it was blowing across the road like it was snow.  It drifts like snow also.  My eyes were full of sand by the time I opened and closed the gate and got into the coach.

It continued to blow hard all day, the coach really rocked and rolled all day.  Then the rain started and continued for an hour or so.  Now its just blowing.  I think this is the second of three lows that are to go through the area.  The next one is this week end.

I did notice that even in this wind they started to put the stucco on the house project next door.


I guess they will have a little extra sand in the mix, at least on this side of the house.  I am adjusting to my new teeth and a slightly adjusted new bite.  So far so good.


No problems overnight with my new teeth and the slight soreness I had last night is gone today.  It was nice and sunny today so that helped warm up the coach.  I did nothing again.  I watched college basketball and some shows on the computer.  I did some online chatting with family.  Seems Bonnie went dress shopping for the wedding today and they went to a cake tasting.  It was almost as warm in Buffalo today as it was here in the 60s.

Here without further word was tonights sunset.  I love the shade of blue in the sky on the last picture.







I was up this morning and got ready for church a bit early.  I arrived about 30 minutes early as on the 4th Sunday every month the two Pastors meet with new people, kind of a meet and greet.  I was the only one that had shown up so we had a nice chat for twenty minutes or so.  Then into the service.  Today was Sanctity of Life Sunday.  Pastor Chad had a powerful message and clearly spoke about what Psalm 139 tells us about life.

After church I headed for Little Caesars and picked up a pizza for lunch today and another meal this week.  Then I settled in to watch Green Bay beat Atlanta.  But thats not what happened.  Green Bay just never got going and Atlanta was ready to play and won easily.

The wind blew hard here again all day.  I took the trash out and sat and talked to Dennis for a few minutes but the wind and chill drove me back inside.  I had a nice online chat with my sister and then Bonnie called and brought me up to date on what she has been doing.

He is the last sunset of the week.

Its been a good week, my new teeth feel good and I think I am finally adjusting to my new glasses.  Its quiet and a bit lonely here without Bonnie.  Thanks For Checking In.


  1. Beautiful sunsets, Bob!

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