The Last Front


Well its Tuesday afternoon and I just realized I did not write anything yesterday.  Except for the wind and a little bit of rain it was an uneventful day.  The weather man says this was the last of the three fronts passing by.  I did manage an episode of Downton Abbey and The Crown but most of the time the T-Mobile towers are too congested to use during the day.  Thankfully they get better late evening.  I stayed up late and managed to update my MacBook and iPhone with some minor updates.  Hopefully it will fix the problem with the graphics board crashing in the MacBook.  I also managed to cook some potatoes and hard boil some eggs in the instant pot so I now have those to eat.


Its been a cool day down to 45 overnight and 61 today, but the good news is the sky is clear and the sun is bright which helps warm up the coach.  It was nice and sunny so I decided to grab my Kindle and camera and go outside to read for a while.  It was nice for a few minutes and I grabbed a couple pictures of the white fluffy clouds.

But the wind was just too much, the sun could not keep me warm with the wind.  I had hoped to see some of the jets I had been hearing all day but they must have been done for the day.

I did notice that some of the desert plants are starting to bloom.

Back inside I keep busy reading Nick Russell’s new book Big Lake Celebration.  The afternoon passed quickly and after watching the news I headed out to watch the sunset and it was a good one.

Lots of pictures, so no more words.  Getting ready to watch This is Us.


Clear skies overnight meant cooler temps and clear skies today meant lots of sunshine.  It only made it up into the lower 60s today and with a slight breeze it was too cool most of the day to go out and sit.  I spent the day reading and watched a little amazon prime.

Finally around 3pm I went outside to read for awhile.  The wind was a bit brisk but I was out until it was time for the news at 5.  I finished up the Jambalaya and a piece of pizza and watched the news.  Well at least most of it. I dozed off and almost missed the sunset.  I did manage to get two shots.

Minutes later it was gone.  Suppose to be down in the 30s the next two nights with the dry air and clear skies .

Thats it for the first part of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!