Lonely Days and Lonely Nights


Well is was cold last night at least for here.  Prediction was in the thirties but it looks like it went to 42.  My thermometer shows it got down to 45 inside the coach.  I still have not had to run heat at night.  We did run the heat pumps last year but when they cycled off and on it would wake us up.  It does not take long in the morning to warm up the coach when the sun is out, another reason not to get up too early.  We are facing almost North this year so it takes a little longer for the sun to heat up the coach.  Unlike last year we have not had to run the AC in the afternoons here yet, but that day will soon be here.  Bonnie is getting her routine medical tests and lab work done while she is in NY, seeing her old Dr.

I was thinking of heading up to Quartzsite today but just never made it.  I did go out to the store and picked up some milk.  Not very exciting here.  The wind died down some and I did sit outside and read for a couple hours today.  It was not cold but it was cool.  The warm temperature inside sure felt good.  Not much planned for tomorrow again.

I did manage to not nap and was able to get a few pictures of the sunset.

I think the smoke is out on the bombing range.  Every now and then I see it.

I am hoping that these Ocotillo plants will bloom in the next couple of weeks.

Thats about it from here.


Not quite as cold overnight.  However 60 was the high and it took all day to get there.  We also had a brisk wind that kicked up some sand again.  Even the neighbors were all staying inside today.  All I did was read and tried to watch a movie, to much network congestion.  I did get a HDMI cable from Amazon, it is a 25ft one so I can hook up the TV to the computer and watch streaming video.  T-Moble requires a browser to use Binge On.  Which I am ok with last month I used over 60 gig of data to watch youtube, Hulu and Netflix all for only $35.

Not a cloud in the sky all day but the dust in the air helped with the sunset.

I think the International Space Station should be visible tonight so I hope to see it.


Last night and today were a little warmer than yesterday, I hope this is a trend.  I slept in this morning and then enjoyed breakfast and a slow start to the day.  But then the rest of the day stayed slow also.  I practiced flying my drone that my daughter got me for Christmas but had to do it inside as there was a breeze outside.

My T-Mobile hotspot was working great today so using Binge On I caught up on several of the TV series I watch.

No clouds again today so a pretty simple sunset again.  The clouds on the horizon almost look like mountains

I have an app on my iPhone called ISS Spotter that lets me know when the International Space Station will be making visible passes over our location.  Last night I spotted it for about a minute.  Tonight it was to be higher in the sky and be visible for about 3 minutes.  I asked Dennis our lot mate if he had ever seen it and he said no.  So I told him I would be out around 7 to see if we could spot it.  Sure enough about 7:05 Dennis said whats that moving and sure enough there it was.  So he and his wife and I watched it.  What you see is the light from the sun reflecting off of it and it is visible until it goes into the earths shadow.  It really moves fast but it is cool to see.  Tonight at its closest it was 390 miles away and when it went into the shadow 700 some.

Thats about it for tonight.


Its a beautiful day here today sunny and in the low 70s.  Since church this morning I have been relaxing.  I picked up a pizza at Little Caesars and just took it easy.  The Missions Conference started today at church so I am headed back this evening so I am going to post the blog before the sunsets.  So thats about it for this week.

Thanks For Checking In!