Well another interesting weather day.  The wind was over 20mph when I got up with much higher gusts.  I went out and put chairs away, awning in, and took down a wind chime.  The wind blew until early afternoon when the rain started.  We had a real rain here and it was what we would call a sprinkle but it lasted for hours.  Locals see this is the wettest winter they remember.  Remember 3″ is the annual rainfall here.

Bonnie headed out to grocery shop (with a stop at the thrift store).  I happened to notice on my find friends app just as she arrived near home.  So I headed out to open the gate since it was still raining.  Good news she brought a Lasagna home and popped it into the oven.  She also made garlic bread a great dinner on a rainy cool day.

I did get my monthly receipt scanning done today and did some organizing.

Last thing I did was to order a mail delivery, I am hopeful that all the info I need to get my taxes done will be in this shipment.  Now tonight we can watch the start of the new Voice season.


My phone woke me up this morning, my DD had gone to FEDEX on her lunch break and picked up our iPads, now she was ready to activate them.  I am not coherent when I wake up like that so I hope I told her all the right information.  A while later she let me know that she had mailed mine and it should be here Friday.

Why do people spam blog comments I get some it seems almost everyday.  Todays was letting me know that the world really was flat.  I moderate my comments so they just end up getting reported.

Once Bonnie got up most of our plans for today changed.  She started the wash and then returned a call about her massage appointment.  Its not today, good.  We can go to the Movies and see Manchester by the Sea.  Checked the showing times and its no longer in the theaters here, oh well.  So now we are planning to see The Shack when it starts on Friday.  So we will enjoy the nice clear calm day here at home and to out later to fill our water jugs.  Our 6 gallons lasts us a week and sometimes a little more.

I sat outside and read for a while this afternoon, Bonnie continued the wash.  Its nice here there are no bugs and only an occasional fly.  The dogs came over and visited me for a bit.  The neighbors over the fence had friends over and it got a bit noisy so Bonnie and I loaded up the jugs and ran up and filled them with our drinking water.  Once home I lit the grill and she got the chicken ready.  Thirty minutes later we were eating and watching the evening news.  Now we are settled in to hear what the president has to say in his first address to Congress.


Well I liked the tone of President Trumps speech last night, I would say he finally sounded Presidential.  It was good to hear the President talk about Faith, God and Prayer again, hopefully he will continue.

We are back to great weather again it was warm and pleasant all day here today and is very clear and 67 here tonight as I write this.

We had a relaxing day and then headed to church for supper and Bible study.  There is a really a good crowd at this midweek service, which is nice to see.  Today is the first of March and signals when many head out of here and head for their other homes, we are thinking we will be here another month.  Thats about it so I will get this posted.

Thanks For Checking In!