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I started this blog for two reasons.  One to keep our family informed of where we were and what we were doing.  Two to document for ourselves what we did and where we have been.  At the time we were mostly traveling and so it was easy to find interesting things to write about and fun to keep family informed.  Along the way a lot of our friends have joined in the reading and I sometimes feel the pressure to find interesting things to write about.  But sometimes our life is pretty routine and I guess we are not all that interesting.  Mostly at times like this when we are sitting and waiting out the winter.  I appreciate those of you that comment and hopefully we will be on the road again before long.  Right now are plans are to leave here in April and work our way up to Huntsville, AL to visit family.  Then after we wear out our welcome there we will work our way up to Western New York for most of the summer.  The big event there is my daughters wedding in August and all the things that lead up to that.  I have been a bit negligent in seeing Drs so will get caught up on my physicals and dermatologist.

That said today was wash the sheets on the bed day.  I also topped off the water in the batteries, I am amazed how little water the 4 big house batteries take, this time only about a cup.  I also read our electric meter and it was amazingly low maybe about $50 for the month.  But the weather has been good.  We did not need heat in the morning and we have yet to need the air conditioning.  Bonnie made a chuck roast in the instant pot with potatoes and gravy, I am not a big beef eater but it sure was good.  No clouds today so not a spectacular sunset, so I did not take any pictures.


Pretty routine day up until 3pm when we headed to Yuma.  We were on our way to see a movie.  It was the opening day for “The Shack”.  We had both read the book so we were looking forward to it.  The movie did not disappoint and I would recommend it, but I also would recommend that you read the book first.  After the movie we headed to Walmart I did catch this picture in traffic of the sunset.

I had ordered a couple Rx refills online and I was in and out of Walmart in 10 or 15 minutes, a good experience tonight.  Then it was on to Mr Fish and Chips.  The parking lot was pretty full but we ordered right away and were able to get a table right away but they were full.  I guess it being Lent and Friday night were a factor.  We waited just over an hour after we were seated for our order.  We both had the shrimp and fish platter and it was worth the wait, but boy was I hungry.  By the time we left I was pleasantly full.  Before we even turned the corner near our lot Bruno the neighbors dog heard us and headed for the front gate just out of Dennis’s reach.  I sometime feel sorry for Dennis as Bubba usually wins the race to greet us at the gate.


Wow the winter has gone quickly this year.  That came through loud and clear today when Chris texted me that Her and Charles were coming over to say see you on down the road.  They are heading out tomorrow and will be at the FMCA Rally in Chandler, AZ next week.  We have enjoyed our short time together and look forward to seeing them again.  We had a nice visit, but way to short.  They headed back to their rig as they still had a lot to do to get ready for tomorrows departure, Safe Travels.

The sunset was not to bad tonight but there were a lot of clouds and it has been windy all day again.

Dennis was out watching curling so I sat down with him for a while and learned a little bit more about the sport, its amazing how the sweepers can make the rock move.

It got to chilly with the wind for me so I came in and watched some boxing.  With the wind the CBS channel is breaking up again so it was not as enjoyable as it should have been.


We were up and ready for church, just eating breakfast, when with a short blast of their airhorn Chris and Charles Yust went by headed for Chandler, AZ and the FMCA Rally.  Safe Travels Friends.

Church attendance was down in the second service today as many snowbirds have already headed out.  In two weeks church will go to one service.  We spent the afternoon watching the NASCAR race from Atlanta.  Kevin Harvick dominated the first and second segments and was leading in the last.  Then came the final pit stop and he got caught speeding on pit road. There were a lot of drivers caught today so everyone was trying to be cautions.  His penalty sent him to the end of the longest line and he finished 9th.

Bonnie made Jambalaya for dinner, nice and spicy.  Cloudy all day and too cloudy for a sunset so thats it for this week.

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