Temperature is Climbing


Even though it was in the high 40s overnight and only in the 60s today the temperature is to climb into the 90s this week, which day will it be.

I spent this morning on the phone with the Blue Shield again this morning.  I am still trying to resolve the two bills from Bonnies fall in Yosemite.  Kelsey called the provider requesting more information while we were on the phone and then explained how I could appeal the denial of the ambulance bill.  So afterward I worked on a draft of that letter giving them all the details of why we did not take the 2.5 hour ambulance ride through the snow coved and icy mountain pass in the dark that night.  So time will tell what happens with that.

Our landlords Lynne and Larry came by today to pick up the rent check and we chatted about how long we will be here and how we will handle our final payment for the lot and the electric.  They have been great landlords and they do an excellent job of keeping the landscape around the lot looking great.  Today Larry was spraying for weeds and sweeping up the sand from the last windstorm.  They have a house nearby here and a home up in Washington State so they will be leaving the end of the month.  Next week they are headed to Williams, AZ to take the train like we did to the Grand Canyon.  We always have a nice chat when they come by.

Bonnie had a massage scheduled and she picked up our mail shipment when she cam back.  So now I can probably finish the taxes this week and get them filed.  Our vehicle registration and stickers came in the shipment also.  After a very good beef stew for supper I put them on the car and coach, good for another year, at least until the insurance is due in September.  I talked to Dennis a bit and watched a few minutes of curling but it got to cool to sit out quickly and we missed the sunset in those few moments, no clouds so it was a quick one.


It was a little warmer today but not bad at all and I would say it was a very nice day.  I was up late last night so the morning was pretty well done by the time I had breakfast and read my email and blogs.  So then I decided to start on the taxes since I think I have all that I need.  So I made it up to contributions when I noticed it was after five, plus my son had called and I figured I would knock off for the day.

We were to have supper with Bonnie’s cousin Elaine from over near El Centro.  She called when she was about 20 minutes away but then got stopped for an hour for a bad accident on the interstate.  She finally made it about 7:00 and we met at Mr Fish and Chips.  They were busy again but we got a seat outside, where it is much quieter and had another good meal and an even better visit.  We closed the place down and finally said our good-byes.

We headed over to Fry’s for milk and cereal that were both on sale.  While Bonnie was in the store I filled up the car with gas, we had earned a 20 cent discount.  Then on the way home we filled up our 6 gallon water jugs and finally made it home.


Well when I went to update the blog for today and post it I could not access my site.  The error message was telling me I had a plug-in problem but I did not have a clue as to how to fix it.  After I posted on FB that I had an issue my second cousin Andrew contacted me and with his knowledge and his questions jogging my memory he was able to disable the errant plug-in and the site is back on line.  Andrew and Heidi are full-timers also and live in a bus they have converted and he is knowledgeable in web hosting and WordPress for sure.  Check out their blog and website at lurv.us

So yesterday—back to routine.  I dumped the tanks and then pretty much worked at staying cool all day.  It got up into the 80s but it was nice outside.  Our lot mates left to take her mother to the airport in Palm Springs for her trip home, so we have the lot to ourselves for the day.  Then we headed to church for supper and bible study.  By the time we got home it was cooling off and we enjoyed a good nights sleep.  Thats about it.

Thanks For Checking In!