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Thursday night and the blog is still working so thats good.  Bonnie made Chicken Cordon Bleu for supper and that was great.  However while eating it I had an old crown come loose.  I noticed that it has a small hole in it so I guess I will call the dentist in the morning.  Its always something.  But nothing like our friends back in WNY are dealing with.  They had very high winds yesterday.  Many trees down and most all of them are still without power with no estimate of when they will get it back.  The news said they clocked winds at 102mph near our old house and 3 tractor trailers were blown onto their sides.  Quite the wind.  Our friends that bought our house are reaping the benefits of the generator we had put in.  Hopefully they will all have power soon.

It was near 90 today but we just had the fans going and the windows and doors open on the none sunny side of the coach.

Looks like more hot days coming.  Its usually not this hot this soon.

It got pretty hot just before sundown but is cooling off nicely now, it will be in the 60s soon.  That the nice thing about the dessert plus the low humidity.  Our neighbors returned from their trip to Palm Springs so life is back to normal.  No clouds but I did get a sunset shot.


First thing I did when I got up today was call the dentist and I was able to get an appointment Monday for a crown prep and then it will be ready on Friday when Bonnie has to go back for her appointment and I can get it put in then.

It was nice and cool last night but the temperature rose and was up to 90 by mid afternoon and we were happy to see sunset come and the temperature drop off.  It should be in the 60s again overnight and so should be good sleeping weather .  Tomorrow I think we will turn on the AC and see how that goes.  Although I sat out and read in the shade this afternoon and with only a very slight breeze it was comfortable.  I did catch some pictures today.  This is my Buddy Bruno he keeps a good eye on the property and lets us know when anyone or any dog is near.

The moon rose about an hour before sunset today.

The sun is setting much further West these days as it is almost 45 minutes later than it was most of the winter.  So now it is behind the hill to the West where a few people got to watch it from.

Here is a close u of the guy sitting on the rock and using his binoculars to look out over the desert.

Eight more days in the first month of our new unlimited Verizon plan and so far I have not used up all of my high speed data so that is good.  I find myself using the iPad more and more since it connects right to the cellular data network.

We are hearing that a few of our friends in WNY have gotten their power back but Varysburg is still without power.  So far the generator that we had installed at our house has been keeping the new family with power and heat.  Hopefully they will have power by late tomorrow night according to the NYSEG website.  The county has opened some shelters for those without heat.  I hope everyone is safe and this is over soon.


Looks like the high here today was 91.  We beat the heat and ran the air conditioners.  I turned them on about 11:30 this morning and it stayed nice in here the rest of the day.  Now as the sun sets I am looking forward to opening the windows and not listening to the AC blower run.  Early I counted out my morning pills (its part of the aging process) I remember when my mother used to do it.

Then I went outside to take out some trash, chatted with Dennis and then sat down in the shade to read a couple chapters from my Kindle.  Bruno came over and sat by my feet for a back scratch (its so hot on him being black).

Of course once Cody spotted that he came over for his turn.

He is the older dog and pushed Bruno right out and took his spot.

Bruno left but Cody stayed at my feet until I decided to go back in and enjoy the AC.

A few friends back in WNY got their power back but most in our neighborhood are still waiting.  In fact the website shows they are estimating tomorrow afternoon for restoration.  Its cold back there so I hope their piped don’t freeze.

Went out to watch the sunset and check our electric usage not to bad yet.  Also felt the plug and box and it is not hot so thats good, I did put some dielectric grease on it when we plugged in last December.  The moon was rising over the mountains.

And we had a nice sunset.

These are all unedited an not enhanced on the computer, in person the sky was a little redder.

A few more degrees and we will open the windows.  Hoping for a good nights sleep again.


Typical Sunday here for us.  Up and off to church, our church is going to one service next week as many snowbirds have already left.  Then we came home and watched the NASCAR race from Las Vegas.  Martin Truex had a sweep he won all three stages of the race.  The temperatures rose to 95 today so we stayed in and were pretty comfortable.  I did fire up the grill and cooked some Bratwurst for supper, Bonnie made coleslaw to go with it.

Arizona does not observe DST so we are now 3 hours behind the East coast.  So I will get this posted, clear skies so not much of a sunset here tonight.

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  1. Hi:
    Just to add to your comments about the NEW YORK WINDS!

    Wednesday we were out of power from 2:00pm – 11:10pm. We lite the old oil lamps and read books. When house cooled off we put on warm pj’s and went to bed and read by flashlight .

    Winds were horrible! At noon we noticed the frame of the gazebo walking towards the pool. We hustled out and pulled it back and tied it to the fence. We could hardly stand up.

    Few shingles off house roof, but shed is in need of a complete new roof. Shingles pieces all over yard. Across the street the neighbor’s house has missing shingles in about ten places. Two houses down, our side of street a child’s play gym blew over. Unbelievable!

    Even a train derailed! Bob thinks it was down Rt. 98-somewhere near the sewer processing location.

    Thanks for listening!

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