South of the Border


Today we headed to Los Algodones again.  I was going to get the prep work done to have the crown that came loose replaced.  If you remember there was a small wear hole in it and that had caused some decay so that was repaired also.  My appointment was late and while I waited for the poor guy in the chair, he spent an extra hour in there, Bonnie got her eyes checked.  Her Rx had a slight change and she wanted new glasses anyway.  Then she also got her haircut and by the time she got to the dentist I was almost done.  When I left the chair and was paying the bill the temporary crown came off. They used my old crown and it had not seated properly, so back into the chair to try again, so far so good.

It was now 3pm and hot as we headed for the border.  The short line was now 50-60 minutes long.  I think the shift changes at 3 and only 2 lanes were open now while 4 lanes had been open earlier.  Bonnie let me sit on the bench with the other old people while she waited in line, Thank You!  I watched the many vendors hawk their wares, yes I was able to resist.

There’s the smile I have been looking for.

This musician with his boy napping at his feet, played the same 3 songs for the whole time I sat across from him, but they were nice tunes.  I seldom tip folks but he did earn a tip from me.  How he could stand there in a flannel long sleeved shirt when it was in the mid 90s I have no idea.


She got in line for the bathroom after we crossed back into the US, I went and got the car, opened the windows and fired up the AC.  I picked her up out by the road and we headed home.

We treated ourselves to a Jamocha shake at Arby’s one of our favorites.  Once home we were greeted by the dogs and I sat out for a while.  The dogs went in with Bonnie for a few minutes and Dennis came over and we talked for about an hour until I went into watch the news.  Now catching up on the Voice.

Thinking tonight of family and friends back East in the path of the storm.  My sister near Philadelphia was asked to spend the night at the hospital so she will be sure to be there tomorrow.  They could get up to 24 inches.  Stay tuned.


While the East coast battles the snow and cold we tied a record high for the day here in Yuma.  Bonnie did the wash and I caught up on some email, phone calls and FaceTime with friends and family.  New York’s governor basically shut down the state and most all schools were closed along with most businesses and airports.  The storm turned out not as bad as expected but better to error on the side of caution.

So what was everyone doing.  Some played games, some went for walks, almost everyone moved snow either by shovel or machine.  Some even baked cookies with the kids, one of my favorites.  Mary Merle took a walk with her Mom and sent me a picture looking towards their house.

My daughter gave me a FaceTime tour of her apartment and this picture out her window.

So thankfully it turned out to be a pretty normal snowfall in Buffalo, except its not over yet and sometimes you wake up to a big surprise, hopefully not.

The weatherman here says we should bet back to seasonal temperatures in the upper 70s early next week so that will be welcomed.  I moved the sensor for our thermometer from underneath the hot side of the coach to the shady side and it now says its down to 88 as the sun is starting to set.  So looks like a cool night again and I can soon turn off the AC and open the windows!


Remember how I said the TV stations here are messed up.  Last night forty minutes into The Voice the station cut to the last 20 minutes of This Is Us, then at 8:00 they started the 9:00 show of Trial and Error, then a few minutes later back to This is Us.  I wonder what was going on in the control room.  Thankful for Hulu I caught up on them all today.

We were up early for us this morning as Bonnie wanted to head for a local flea market.  I went along and actually walked around and looked at the stuff.  Nothing caught my eye and since it was in a parking lot it was hot.  Back at the car I read my book and it was just a few minutes until Bonnie was ready to go.  All she got was some pads for on the seat belts so they wont rub on our necks, (Thanks Chris).

To be 96 again today so we cranked up the air when we got home and read and caught up on TV.

We are off to church soon so I will go ahead and publish this.

Thanks For Checking In!