Still Hot


Another hot day even for here at this time of the year.  They say there is a high pressure area that refuses to move.  Forecast was for 97-98 but I think it only got to 95-96.  But the sun is brutal.  I took the infrared thermometer outside today and at 3pm the dark brown areas of the side of the coach was 177º shortly after the sunset it was 84º.  Luckily when I checked inside during the heat of the day the inside of the wall was only 85º, I was impressed that it was that low.  We have lots of windows on that side of the coach so they leave in a lot of heat.  The AC runs constantly and keeps it at 82 but you can feel the heat on the sunny side of the coach.

Only highlight of the day was Bonnie going shopping while I watched some of the NCAA Basketball games from Buffalo.  I did get out inside to catch some of the sunset.  First I was surprised to see a couple paragliders out over the desert.

It was cooling off so Dennis took Cody and Bruno out for their walk.  Bruno leads the way.

Meanwhile the paragliders took off

Pretty nice color tonight

Looks like we have a few more days of hot weather to go.


We were up this morning and headed to Mexico.  Our plan was to get my crown put on, see what the orthodontist had to say and suggest about Bonnies Braces and to pick up her glasses.  Traffic was very slow on the interstate because of the construction.  Its really not impeding traffic but everyone has to look.  We still made it with time to spare for our 10:00am appointment. My appointment started about 15 minutes late and Bonnies started soon afterwards.  My crown was put on with out incident and fit perfectly the second time she tried it.  Add the cement and I was all set.  Bonnies dentist knocked on the door and my dentist went with him.  They were looking at Bonnie as her bite was back to normal and they were going to take off her braces.  That meant she could have her dental work done.  Yes they had time todo it in about 45 minutes.  So off we went to pick up Bonnies glasses and they also adjusted mine.

Back to the dentist and they were soon ready for Bonnie.  She had three crown preps done and we are scheduled to go back on Tuesday to have them put on and then get a cavity filled.  We checked in and made an appointment for a pedicure before her dentist appointment on Tuesday.  Boy it was hot.

We headed for the Border it was now about 1:15 I figured there would be a line like the other day.  But no this was a sight to behold.

No line until inside the turnstile.  Then about 10 people in front of us, wish it was always like this.  Maybe it was the luck of the Irish, as it is St Patricks day.  We made it to the car and I gulped down the ice water Bonnie had packed for us.  Then slow traffic on the interstate again until we cleared the construction.  These we breezed on home.

Bonnie had picked up some nice rolls and some corned beef slices.  She made us some delicious sandwiches and we chilled out in the AC for the rest of the day.  So not having to worry about Bonnies braces we are free to leave, probably the first week of April, let the planning begin.

I was on the phone with Apple adding AppleCare+ to my iPad when the sunset so I missed that.  Once I got to the right person it only took 3 or 4 minutes getting there was another matter as the first girl wanted to figure out why I could not do it on line.  Once she gave up it was a quick process.


Another stay inside in the AC day.  Bonnie read and I watched some of the NASCAR Infinity race and some of the NCAA Games.  I did not go outside until just before sunset.  The dogs came over to say hello and I chatted for a few minutes with Dennis before he took the dogs on their evening walk.

The sunset was very nice. So here are a few pictures.  These are again un-retouched.

This cactus hopefully will bloom before we leave in a few weeks.

It got up to 96 again today and more of the same tomorrow.  Then a couple degrees cooler each day until it gets back to normal.  I need to get busy and figure out our route to Alabama.


Even though its very hot during the day here it cools off at night so that I need a blanket which is okay with me.  Today we hit 99 around 3 in the afternoon, I was sure it would hit 100 but it did not.

We were up an hour earlier today for church today.  The church went back to one service at 10am.  Boy was it packed, they put out extra chairs and the choir stayed in the choir loft.  Another good sermon by Pastor Chad.

We came home and watch the Race from Phoenix and all they could talk about was how hot it was.  I even laid down on the coach for a 30 minute nap, first time all winter.  Then I switched to basketball.  I thought Arkansas was going to upset North Carolina but they lost in the last 2 minutes.

Thats about it from here for this week.  We have one more trip to make to Mexico this week and then preparations and planning for the trip back East need to start.

Thanks For Checking In.