Now the wind


I was up earlier than normal today.  Myrna our neighbor asked me to check on the dogs and make sure the AC was running as they were both golfing today.  The dogs were fine and they were home early.  I was actually out dumping the tanks when they pulled in.  I fired up the AC around noon, it was cooler overnight but it was still headed to 95 today.  Then mid-afternoon the wind came blasting in, complete with the dust and sand.  So hopefully it will die down tonight so we can open the windows.  I did some research today and ordered batteries for our tire monitor sensors.  Bonnie had a massage scheduled so she took off for that.  More online research for me and I ordered a mount for our iPad so I can use it while on the road to monitor road conditions, I like to use an app called WAZE and Google Maps.  Then one last thing I ordered some equipment to improve our connection to RV Park Wifi that I can also use if we move back into a house again.

Finally I almost missed the sunset but managed a couple pictures.


We were up and on the road this morning for what I hope is our last trip to Mexico for this season.  Bonnie had us signed up for pedicures, my first ever.  Traffic was slow again and the parking lot was the fullest we have seen it when we pulled in.  We were lucky and saw a man pulling out so we did not do to bad.  Then the short walk in and we were on time for our 10:30 appointment.  Bonnie went first and she was well underway when they finally called me.

Then Christina called for me and I would have to say it was not too bad.  It was much rougher than I thought it would me but it was fine.  Bonnie said my feet were in better shape than her’s.

Not sure what all the stuff they put on me was but this stuff was soothing and it was near the end.  Bonnie got polish on her nails so I actually finished first.  I headed over to the dentist to tell them she would be a couple minutes late.

The polish refused to dry and Bonnie was about 15 minutes late but she was soon in the chair and had her 3 crowns and one filling done by Dr Jasmine.

Then no trip to Algodones is complete without Bonnie buying some jewelry and this is her go to guy and he is right on the corner buy the dentist.

He is good what started as a pair of earrings turned into 4, a pendent and a chain, Adios.

Then it was over to Meyer Optical for slight adjustments on our glasses.  Finally we headed for the border, opps a quick stop at the nuts shop for some pecans.  I think we are done.  The line at the border was about 45 minutes long.  I got to sit while Bonnie waited in line.  Plenty of time for her to buy some strawberries and another hat.  Finally back in the USA.

Back at the coach we had left the windows open, it got to 90 but we toughed it out.  High tomorrow is to be 84 and it may rain.  Blue skies and a few high clouds.

Was hoping for a spectacular sunset but the clouds were a little thick.  Still not to bad.


First I must mention that today is the anniversary of my Father-in-laws death.  He an I always got along and we never had any cross words.  At first I was a bit afraid of him but both he and I changed over the years and I had a great deal of respect for him.  He loved his family and his horses.  He is missed everyday.  This picture is from our trip to Yellowstone a few years ago.  We are in Cody, WY waiting for the Street Shootout.

Of course this is in Yellowstone and the sign says it all.

The post office had already delivered my packages this morning by the time I got up.  One to the lot and the other to my mailbox, not sure why they did not bring them both here.  Anyway campground WiFi is often not only slow but it is weak inside the coach.  So I am putting together my own NanoStation using professional Ubiquiti equipment.  It is the same equipment that CampGrounds and businesses use to provide robust systems.

Setting them up and testing them occupied most of my day.  I love to learn new things and configuring this system has been fun and educational.  More on the system later.

Just before we went to church I noticed the sky turning really dark and the neighbors putting in their big awning.  I went out to move my chairs in under the slides and then back into watch the radar.  It was only a few minutes later and wow the wind was amazing and the dust rolled in like a heavy fog.

This was through the windshield and you can see the first few raindrops that look like mud and not raindrops.  I went out to put in the small window awning and found the strap about to break.  We got to church in between the rain showers and enjoyed the Coney Hot Dogs, beans and potato salad.  It was all so good and finished off with Blueberry cake and ice cream.

Once back home we got out the ladder and Bonnie helped me measure the length of the awning strap (27″).  Of course Amazon Prime had it and in about a minute it was on its way for delivery on Friday.  Well thats it for the first part of this week.

Thanks For Checking In!