Cooler Air Again


After the cold front went through and the rain ended the temperature drop by about 20 degrees in about 30 minutes, nice. Last night it got down to 50 great sleeping weather.  I even turned my mattress pad on around 5am just to keep my feet warm.

The dust storm yesterday was about the third one we have had this winter and by far the worse.  Then the rain that followed made it rain mud, I thought it had rained enough to wash off the mud but I guess not at least on the side of the coach.

It really collected in the corner of the window and I see I need to reseat the weather strip again.  I think they shrink as they age and dry out.

Bonnie did some wash today and went grocery shopping.  Later in the day we zipped up and picked up our weeks worth of water.  I enjoyed the nice red sunset even though there were no clouds.

I did get to watch a couple of the basketball games tonight and enjoyed that, but it is not the same without Duke.


Another great night for sleeping and it stayed cool and comfortable until about 4pm then by 6 it was cooling off again.  Bonnie washed the sheets as soon as she got up.  The new strap for the awning was delivered to the mailbox and I went down and picked it up before Bonnie got up.  Once she was up we went out and replaced the broken one, easy peasy.  It took all of 5 minutes.  So now Bonnie has shade again.

Then a little later while the sheets were off the bed I lifted it up to get access to the exhaust brake so that I could lube it.  A couple drops of the special high temp lube on the pivot points and we should be good for another year.

Then we had a nice FaceTime chat with my 7 year old GD as its her birthday.  I watched basketball and Bonnie fixed us a Salad for supper and then strawberry shortcake for dessert.  After a quick online chat with my sister I went out to watch the sunset.

As soon as I got sat down this Harrier Jet flew over headed for the bombing range.

I wonder if these two were on ground patrol

Now all four of these picture were taken in a three minute period, remember the sun sets fast here.

And thats it for tonight back to some basketball.


It got pretty windy again today so we ended up closing the windows and running the AC in an effort to keep the gritty dust outside where it belongs.  I was just finishing breakfast when the mail lady dropped off the batteries I needed to replace the ones in the key fobs for the coach.  The tiny batteries came in a good sized box so it got delivered, nice.  I got right to work and opened the fobs and cleaned them and cleaned the contacts.

All changed ready for to be reassembled

The rest of the day was spent watching TV and reading just staying in out of the wind.  I did catch a little basketball on my iPad just before sunset.  Here is tonights sunset.

Even the clouds had a little bit of color for a bit.

I sat down with Dennis for a few minutes to chat about the Space Station Schedule and watch a little hockey.  I got chilled so I headed in and called it an evening.


The wind died down last night and it is a beautiful day.  We were up and off to church.  Another full house again.  A few less people as the choir was able to find seats and there were not extra chairs set up in the back.

Our lot mates have begun to make preparations for leaving and are cleaning and storing some of their stuff.  We watched the end of the Basketball games and also the NASCAR Race, finally Kyle Larson finished first instead of second.  Bonnie roasted a turkey breast in the convection oven and it came out nice and moist and was very good along with the potatoes that she did, no supper needed tonight.  Thats about it from here for this week, we have one full week left here and plan to leave around the 4th of April.

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  1. Seeing your photo of the Harrier brought back memories of the Harrier’s on the Guadalcanal.

    1. Yep for me too Kim I remember how they tore up a lot of the non-skid coating on the deck. That Harrier testing was a big deal for the Guadalcanal.

  2. Bob,

    Didn’t realize we had GK with the same BD’s. Rochelle’s middle child, Kegan, turned 8 on Friday, March 24th also. We had a big party here for him on Saturday, My BIL, John was here from PA, and Judy & family and Nikki, Scott & his 2 kids were here also. They have lived close here for a couple of years. We leave FL and go back to OH on Tuesday. It will be great to be there in time for Chris & Sarah’s older son, Blake, to turn 4 on Thursday, March 31st.

    Safe travels,

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