Last Full Week in Yuma


Today starts our last full week here in the Yuma Foothills.  We have had a good winter and certainly stayed warmer than a lot of our friends and relatives.  But first a few things from last night.  Since I published before the sunset here are a few pictures.  The sounds of a para-glider had me headed outside.  This guy was pretty close.




So no idea what happened to those pictures, as my friend Jim always said, It is what it is.  A little later we had about a 5 minute fly-by of the Space Station and it was nice and high in the sky and was very bright.

That brings us to today.  As soon as Bonnie got up I went out and started my project for the day.  I needed to replace all the batteries in all ten of the pressure sensors for the tires on the coach and the car.  This was my work table.  Three of the sensors are there on the right.

They just unscrew so while it is a bit time consuming it is relatively easy, just remember which way the battery goes in.  While I have them apart I cleaned them up with Strike Hold and it is also a good dry lube for on the treads.


The only tires that needed air were the ones on the car and so I got out my Sears compressor and took care of that project.

That about wrapped up that project.  I did check the cactus and it had another bloom open, there are a lot more to go.

Bonnie did cut my hair today, I tried to take a selfie, trust me she is not hurting me, not sure why I look so distressed.

Now to figure out why some of the pictures are so small.


Got up this morning and the wind was out of the West so we kept the windows shut.  I had planned to be gone most of the day so Bonnie could clean in peace but she had not slept good and changed her plans.  So I watch Dennis finish packing up for his departure tomorrow.  The wind died down and changed to coming out of the NorthWest so we opened up the windows and let some fresh air in.  I did a factory reset on my old Kindle and now will pass it on to someone.  Then I sat outside and read for a while and the dogs came over and laid by my feet after I said goodbye to them.  Bonnie made a big pot of spaghetti for supper, one of my favorites, it was very good.  Plus there is some in the freezer for a couple of meals.  After I did the dishes I went out to watch the sunset.  Absolutely no clouds but there was a military plane flying through the shot.

I may have fixed the small picture problem, just a setting I think.

We did get good news today.  Blue Shield has decided to approve my appeal and they are paying all but the $100 deductible on the $930 ambulance bill from Yosemite so that is a blessing.



Our neighbors were gone when we got up this morning, hope they have a safe trip back to Edmonton, CA.  We have a much better view now and you can see the little Casita that was built the first of the year.



It got hot today much more than I thought since this morning started out so nice.  I worked outside and made one trip to the hardware store to get a machine screw to fix one of our chairs.  The sun was brutal so I spent the rest of the day inside.

The Ocotillo across the street is finally blooming.

And more blooms on the cactus

Forgot to post this the other night, this was my camera set up.

Well I want to post this and it is almost time to head to church.  So thats it for now.

Thanks For Checking In!