April 2017

Still in Harvest, AL

THURSDAY More wash today and then we plan to go and watch Gracie ride again.  Some storms went through last night but it was quick and not too bad.  In […]

MONDAY Well we never even unlocked the door of the coach today.  It was cool and heavy overcast all day, no sunshine.  That made it easier to stay in.  Bonnie […]

Family Time

THURSDAY Its good to be back around family.  It had been over a year since I had seen any or our family.  This morning Bonnie did a load of wash […]

Roll Tide

MONDAY We were up dumped, unhooked and on the road before 10 this morning.  A little shorter planned trip today only 246 miles.  I drove to the first rest area, […]

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi

THURSDAY It rained pretty hard during the night, but the roads were dry by morning.  We were on the road by 9:30 again this morning and after driving all day […]

Howdy Texas

MONDAY We had a good nights sleep and were awake before the alarm went off.  We had a leisurely breakfast and were packed up and pulling out of the park […]

Slow Down

THURSDAY I mentioned yesterday that we might change our plans and we have.  We decided to slow down.  I had put the pressure on us to move quickly and get […]

Hitting the Road again

MONDAY Busy day today and I was awake by 8:00, early for me.  After some breakfast I went out and packed up the grill.  I had left the cast iron […]

The End is Near

Thursday Not bad this morning when we got up but it is to be near 90 or more and get windy which means we shut the window and run the […]