The End is Near


Not bad this morning when we got up but it is to be near 90 or more and get windy which means we shut the window and run the AC.  The Crockers were to come over this afternoon but came over to do some things on the lot so we went ahead and read the meter and wrote them the last check for electricity.  We also chatted for a while, Larry and Lynne have been great landlords and they keep everything in tiptop condition.

They leave tomorrow for their home in Washington.  They have a home here in the Foothills also.  Bonnie was going to clean today so I left shortly after to stay out of the way and out of sight.  I loaded up my computer bag and headed to the library.  I was impressed when I got there, it is very nice.  Lots of comfy chairs with lap tables if you bring your laptop, lots of computers you can use and also plugs to power up your equipment.  My iPhone and iPad connected with no problems.  My MacBook connected to the wireless but I could not pull up the login screen to accept the rules and get access to the internet.  A woman had left her cellphone behind and I turned that in at the help desk and asked about the network.  The young guy came over and tried a few things but no luck.  A while later it hit me.  I use a public DNS server and that has caused me problems before.  So I turned that off and voila I was connected.  Now to update my GPS, oops I forgot the one cable I needed to connect, it is what it is.  So I found some other things to do and updated some apps etc.  Soon two hours had passed.  So I headed over to Starbucks for a drink.  Oh no lots of cars in the parking lot.  I found a spot and grabbed my laptop and headed in.  Now what, so many choices.  Not exactly sure what I said but I ended up with a cold coffee drink.  The label said VBT Vanilla Frapp.  It was good and I had no trouble finishing it, just hope I sleep tonight.  Looking forward to getting back to WNY and Tim Horton’s in a couple months.  The only seat left was next to two guys that were so full of themselves (something a male cow deposits), it was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud.

Finally I headed home with a quick stop at the local Bakery.  Last night on the news we heard that an 83 years old woman had attempted to make a u-turn in the parking lot just before lunch and lost control.  She ended up driving through the front window.  Fortunately no one was injured.  However it looks like the Bakery is closed for a while, boarded up and closed off with Police tape.

Thats it for today, just a little TV and reading tonight.


I was awake at 9 this morning not sure why, it was a nice cool night to sleep.  I had my breakfast and then went out to start washing at least the West side of the rig which was covered with the mud rain from a week or so ago.  I also wanted to get the dirt and grit off the seals.  I still need to wipe them down with some Aerospace 303.  Boy once you start the coach seems to grow by the minute.  Even though it was cool it is so dry here that I knew I had to stop often and drink a lot of fluids.  Those turned into 30 minute breaks, but only two.

But by the time I finished the side of the coach was in the sun and getting hot so I ended up with some streaks.  Plus the water drips that I missed are not water spots and streaks.  I will have to work on them.  But I finished the side by noon.  I have felt like napping the rest of the day but have not.

Bonnie went grocery shopping before I finished and I was on the phone with my son when she got back.  But the big news of the day is I made our first campground reservations of the year.  We are all set for two nights at the Cochise Terrace RV Resort near Benson next week when we leave here.  I also cranked up the big C9 Cat diesel today and she barely turned over before it came to life and purred like the CAT it is.  The air pressure built right up so all appears to be good on that front.  My hips are hurting and my arms and shoulders are tired but I hope to be back at it tomorrow once the East side of the coach is in the shade.  To help I went out just before sunset and cleaned the rear slide with my Wash Wax All and it looks pretty good.  I will have to wash the bottom as it has lots of grit on it.  We also got our last mail shipment here, mostly magazines, and I sent the post office a change of address on line.  The Cactus has a lot more blooms open.

Also I was able to capture the sunset just before Last Man Standing Came on.

One last note tonight Netflix notified me that Season 8 of Heartland is now available, just in case you are a fan.


After a good nights sleep I was back outside as soon as the side of the coach was in the shade to use my Wash Wax All on it to get it clean.  Took quite a few breaks as I was sore and it was a bit warmer today.  I stuck with it and finished top of the side by the time the Final Four games started.  Finished the bottom during halftime.  Then I finished the back of the coach between games.  Just before sundown I finished the front end above the windshield and the mirrors.  I still have the tops of the slides to get the dust off of and the bottom of the front.  That I think will finish the coach.  Then I need to clean up the grill and the table it sits on and pack everything away.  Tuesday is coming quickly.  I also scanned all last months receipts today and updated our budget spread sheet.  No clouds again tonight so a quick sunset.





Our last Sunday here so we said our goodbyes at church and came back to the coach and turned on the air.  Looks like 90 for a high here this afternoon.  After a little rest Bonnie and I headed outside so I could climb up the ladder with her holding on to it for safety.  Then I took my Wash Wax All telescoping pole and mop so I could clean the top of all four slides.  They were quite dusty and when the slides come in all that dirt would be inside the coach.  It was getting hot but it only took us about 30-40 minutes and now its done.

The race was not on network TV today so I watched a little Netflix.  I am worn out from the past three days of cleaning the coach.  I threw all the rags and mop pads in the washer and sat down to relax.  I think I need a nap.  I only have the grill and table to clean and store and we should be ready to pull out of here on Tuesday Morning.  That may take a while as if you remember we dragged the hitch pulling in here so we will have to remove the tow bar again and take it nice and easy. I am going to post this before the sunset but will try to capture it for tomorrow, only two nights left here.  Just as a tease this is a sunset from when we first got here.

So thats it for this week from Yuma.  Thanks For Checking In!