Hitting the Road again


Busy day today and I was awake by 8:00, early for me.  After some breakfast I went out and packed up the grill.  I had left the cast iron grill leaning against the wall and it was covered with little red ants.  I finally got them all cleaned off and then packed away the grill, now to find a new storage area for it.  Then I folded up the table and headed inside until Bonnie got up.  Later I went out and put away the rest of our things including the chairs.  Final thing was to go out with Bonnie and pack her purchases away in the belly of the beast.  I checked the mail box one last time and hide the key as requested.

Everything fit except one thing and thats in the back seat of the car.  Now all we have to do is rest up and then in the morning unhook the sewer, water and electric.  Then we have to back out of here.  Remember the hitched dragged coming in here.  So I will remove the tow-bar and drop hitch again and just be careful with Bonnie keeping a close eye on the hitch.

Going to watch the NCAA Final Game for the National Championship and then try to get to bed early.  Here is tonights final sunset from Yuma.,


We were in bed just after 10 last night and up before the alarm went off this morning, it was set for 7:30.  We did our final packing.  Started the engine and aired up the coach, then the slides came in, dumped the tanks and disconnected all the hookups.  Bonnie put the car out on the street and we tried to see if we could get out with out taking off the tow-bar.  Not even close.  So we took all that off and tried again.  We dragged the hitch receiver a little but we made it.  Re installed the tow-bar and dragged and carried the heavy rubber mats back into the lot.  Now to close the gate, hook up the car, pray, and we were on our way.  The road was wide open today and we made good time.  Got waved through the Border Patrol inspection station and did made a quick stop to check out and make sure everything was closed up.  Then after about 90 minutes we stopped at a rest stop and Bonnie took over the driving duties.

We ran into a couple swarms of some kind of bugs that made a mess on the front of the coach I will have to deal with that tomorrow.  One more stop at a truck stop for a quick sandwich and I took over for the last 90 minutes until we pulled into Cochise Terrace RV Resort.  We got the PassPort America rate and a nice level blacktopped site.  It was a bit breezy on the road but it got down right windy once we set up.  Glad we were off the road by 3PM.

I set up my Ubiquiti NanoStation to connect to the park WiFi.  I had a bit of an IP conflict but got that sorted out.  However the WiFi speed is pitiful.  We also were to get a free meal tonight according to the website but the volunteers have left and the Cafe is closed, another disappointment.  Time to relax, except I need to plan our next campground and maybe a little exploring tomorrow.  Oh it is much cooler here as we have gained 4000ft of elevation.


Early to bed last night and up early today.  We were on the road by10am in the car headed to Saguaro NP East.  We arrived at the visitors center just as a Volunteer ranger was preparing to start a 40 minute talk on the Cactus in the Park.  This is just outside the front door of the visitors center.  Lots of pictures tonight.

This is the skeleton of a Saguaro.  We learned that there are a lot of Cactus species in the park.  This is a once in a while talk so we were fortunate to hear it.  Otherwise we would have not known what we were looking at.

A couple different birds next inside the cactus and they make their nests a year ahead of time and this pod forms almost like a callous inside the cactus.  Then the bird has a dry place for a nest the next year.

This is what the inside of the Cholla species looks like and there are several kinds of Cholla but the pattern in the inside wood is all the same.

Then we got in the car and showed our Senior Pass at the gate and drove the 8 mile loop.  There are tons of hiking trails also.  I took lots of pictures and here are a few of them.  Ocotillo in bloom

Close up

There were a lot of things blooming and yellow was the favorite color.

Barrel cactus with fruit on the top

Cactus grow continually so there are no growth rings but they estimate these big guys to be 100-150 years old.  They may live 250 years.

They are like a woody skeleton inside.

Bird nest openings

You train buffs help me on this one.  Coming into Benson from the West there is a siding with hundreds of Union Pacific Diesel engines.  The look like they are coupled and it stretches for miles.  Any ideas?  Hard to get good pictures from a speeding car.

Earlier today I got a FB message from Pam and Tom Nagel.  We were both members of Chapter 12 of the Holiday Rambler club back in NY.  We tried to meet up with them in Texas last year but it never happened.  But today they were moving to Benson and staying in another park must 9 minutes from us.  Well after we left the NP we decided to head for Tombstone, AZ.  As we got off of I-10 I recognized their coach and we followed them until they pulled into their park to check in.  We greeted each other and made plans to meet for dinner in a few hours.  Then we took off for Tombstone.

We drove around town a little and as it was late afternoon some things were closed.  It looked pretty much like a tourist trap to me.  I stayed in the car and did a little research on the iPad while Bonnie went on a mini shopping spree.  Here is my one picture in town.  I also heard the final shootout of the day at the OK Corral.

We did stop at Boot Hill as we left town.  I paid the $3 to go in and Bonnie just bought some post cards.  There are about 250 graves here.

But those that visit do have a nice view.

The only famous people I found were the four guys shot at the OK Corral.

Then there is poor George Johnson

Then we head back to Benson and met up with the Nagel’s for a nice dinner and time to catch up at the Horseshoe Cafe and Bakery.  Its always nice to catch up with friends and compare notes on where we both have been.  Thanks for a nice evening.

It was a long day but I enjoyed it.  Now tomorrow we hit the road again and I think we are changing some of our plans, stay tuned.

Thanks For Checking In!