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I mentioned yesterday that we might change our plans and we have.  We decided to slow down.  I had put the pressure on us to move quickly and get to Huntsville in time for Easter and our son’s birthday.  But after talking to him he suggested we slow down and see the sights so we are.  Who knows we may still get there but the pressure is off.  I also had trouble getting more than one night reservations in Las Cruces, NM.  So our friend Chris Yust suggested trying the Escapee Park in Deming, NM.  So I called and we are now here for 4 nights.  I was feeling a bit tired after all the packing up, planning and driving the past week or so.  This gives us a time to rest up and relax.  We have been SKPs for five years and this is the first time we have stayed in one of their Campgrounds.  Nothing fancy here at Dream Catcher here in Deming but very neat and clean.  We got our Escapee Hug from Kathy when we arrived and she checked us in $20 a night with tax.  She also invited us to the social hour at 4 and the Dine-In supper at 6.  We did attend the supper, she had made split pea soup and a beef soup, bread, and cake for dessert.  We got to meet a lot of the other SKPs and everything was delicious.  Then back to the rig to relax before 7.  We did lose an hour when we crossed into New Mexico because they observe DST.

We had a good drive over here today, lots of trucks passed us as the speed limit is 75 out here and we set the cruise at 63.  We made a stop in Lordsburg at the Pilot Station for fuel and Bonnie got us some Arby’s for lunch with a Jamocha shake.  With just traveling 176 miles we were off the road by about 2:30.  Part of my sunshade came apart so I have to find a nut to fit that and get it back together.  Sorry no pictures today and thats about it from here.


There was no plan to go anywhere today just rest and relax and a few odds and ends.  I wanted to first take a look at the sunshade that came apart yesterday.  It turned out to be an easy fix.  Bonnie and I both looked for the nut we assumed had fallen off.  When I compared the shade to the other one I noticed there was an insert instead of a nut.  So all I needed to do was get out an Allen wrench and screw it back together, wish they were all this easy.

Bonne started the wash and after breakfast I started to catch up on some TV shows using Hulu.  My Ubiquiti Nano Station has connected to the hotel next to us, they let us use their WiFi and I have good enough speeds to stream.  After a show or two I started on another fix.

Monaco made coaches have an issue of allowing water in to the floor of the slide which causes it to rot.  I keep an eye on mine and I noticed the other day that it was starting to separate and it looks like someone tried to seal it.

So Bonnie and I put some Gorilla Tape on the front and back seam as a temporary fix.  Now to see if it gets rubbed off as the slide goes in and out.  Goal for now is to keep the rain out.  The permanent fix is to put some custom made stainless steel corners on the slide they run approx. $250 and use sealant also to make sure it is a permanent fix.  If the floor rots out the slide is removed to replace the floor and the costs are $6000-8000.  So I will keep a close eye on it.

Last night I ran updates on our Phones and laptops so today I wanted to up date our 3 GPS units.

I had a little trouble with our RV 660 and ended up calling Garmin.  We tried a few things and finally reformatted the SD card and all went well after that.  If I had called right away it would have saved a couple of hours.  Looks like we are all set

Thats about it for today.  We did get an invite to breakfast at the clubhouse, early for us 8am but maybe.


I thought we were going to make it up for breakfast at the club house this morning but I woke up to early.  Yes to early because I laid down and when I woke up again it was two hours later and breakfast was over.  Today I did relax.  No planning and no fixing.  I spent most of the day catching up on TV that I had missed and series on Netflix that I like to watch.  At the Dine-in the other night on of the ladies mentioned there was a good Chinese Restaurant down the road and Bonnie wanted to try that.  So late afternoon we headed down there.  It was every bit as good as she said and the portions were huge.  We brought home way more than we ate there.  I had General Tso Chicken and Bonnie had Beef with Snow Peas.

The chicken fried rice was a meal in its self.  I also had a bowl of hot sour soup that was delicious.

Meanwhile back in NY my daughter’s finance was busy with a little remodeling in his house getting ready to merge the two families.  When I called it sounded like they were still having a good time at the end of a long day.

Well I am going to sit back and watch a movie called USD Indianapolis.


Happy Birthday to our friend Bob Rindo, the youngest 80 year old I know.

Bonnie has not been sleeping well so we did not set the alarm for church this morning.  I woke up early and finally with the WiFi we have here I was able to listen to the livestream broadcast from our former church back in Elma, NY.  It was almost like being there it was very good.  Hopefully we can watch more of them.

Then I got busy working on trip plans and made reservations for our next two stops.  I try to find nice places at a good price.  Still hoping to be in Huntsville by the 19th.  We also watched the race and then I watched the end of the Masters.  I also managed to dump my fresh water tank and fill it half way with the nice soft water here.  Our TDS was very high in Yuma and here they are 150.  We had a late lunch from yesterdays left overs and it was still very good.

We had a nice FaceTime talk with my daughter and Dana her fiancé.  Even got a tour of the spot he is fixing up for us for this summer.  They are making good progress on the house also.

Well thats it for this week, tomorrow we continue on our journey eastward.

One last thing congratulations to Grace Jae our Granddaughter, she took first place in her class at what I believe was her first horse competition.  Grace is on the right.

Thanks For Checking In!

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  1. Glad you guys are relaxing! That’s what retired folks are supposed to do.
    Safe travels!

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