Howdy Texas


We had a good nights sleep and were awake before the alarm went off.  We had a leisurely breakfast and were packed up and pulling out of the park by 10:00am.  The road was in good shape and we only had one construction zone and while we slowed down almost to a crawl it was short and only delayed us about 10 minutes.  Traffic was crazy in El Paso, tons of trucks and the speed limit was 60 but 50 was more than fast enough for me.  We did go through one Border Patrol check point slowed us down more than the construction.

Just asked if we were both citizens and we were on our way.  One rest stop for a snack 90 miles from Van Horn, TX and we finished the 220 mile trip today just after 3 today.  Only about 4 hours on the road but we lost an hour as we are in the Central Time Zone now.  The Desert Willow RV Park is not bad $14 with Passport America.  It is nice and neat and clean, FHU.

So early to bed tonight and we head for Sweetwater, TX in the morning.


Well the alarm woke us up at 8 this morning and we got busy.  The car was hooked up and we had not hooked up the sewer.  So unhooking was quick and easy.  We were ready to roll and were on the road by 9:30.  We had a good day on the road, not too hot and not much of a wait to get fuel.  Only needed 64 gallons and we were on our way again quickly.  Bonnie drove the middle part of the trip and I took over again after we got fuel.  After 288 miles we pulled into the Bar J Hitchin RV Park in Sweetwater, TX.  The sites did not look very level but we were level when I pulled in.  We even have a good amount of space between sites and the angle gives us some privacy.

So we are here for two nights and then will move to the other side of Dallas, still in Texas for at least one more stop, it goes on forever.  The CG was pretty empty earlier but the rigs have been steadily pulling in same thing happened last night.

We had no TV reception last night and here ABC is good and the others are in and out.  But my Ubiquiti NanoStation is pulling in the CG Wifi Great and we have been able to watch Hulu and Netflix no problem and save a little of our data.


Very overcast today and some storms out to the West of us.  We are to get rain overnight and maybe through the morning. We called about the insurance check for the ambulance this morning.  The billing company has received it but now they have to sent it to Yosemite to deposit it and issue us a credit.

After that Bonnie went to pick up milk and bread.  She came back with this 4.5 hours later.

We are well stocked for a while.  She got turned around here and wasn’t sure where the CG was, after a quick call we got her set up with the GPS and she was soon home.

While she was gone I got busy and made reservations for us until we get to Huntsville.  I was a bit worried about the weekend but it all worked out.  We should be in Vicksburg for Easter weekend.  Then a COE park near Tuscaloosa and then in Huntsville on the 19th our sons birthday.

After the news was over and before Survivor I went out and dumped the tanks and unhooked everything but the electric.  If its raining in the morning we can beat a hasty exit.  We were going to hook up the car but they have big rocks at the corners here so we will get close to the exit and then hook up in the morning.

We have GFCI breakers on our circuits and the one for the kitchen randomly trips.  Sometimes not for days and sometimes a couple times in one day.  Today it was tripped when I got up and then again while I was unhooking the water and sewer. I guess I will make sure all the connections are tight.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, we have not been touring we are pretty much in travel and get there mode.  Tomorrow we plan to get to Canton, TX on the East side of Dallas, passing to the South.

Thanks For Checking In!