Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi


It rained pretty hard during the night, but the roads were dry by morning.  We were on the road by 9:30 again this morning and after driving all day we are still in TEXAS.  We passed Abilene and before long we were passing Fort Worth and then finally Dallas.  Traffic was a bit heavy but not bad once we were outside the cities.

Five and a half hours later we arrived at the Wagon Train RV Park just East of Canton. TX.

I really like these small Mom and Pop campgrounds.  Just 15 sites here and every thing is nice and neat.  Billy and her husband bought this place just over a year ago and they have it looking very nice.  Checkin was quick $15 a night for two nights at the Pass Port America Rate.  Billy and Bonnie talked for a few minutes about flowers and then we pulled down to site 7.  Good WiFi here and I managed to find the major networks on the TV.  Bonnie made hamburgers and beans for supper and we finished the potato salad.  Last night I noticed that the one bed room slide was not going out all the way, it looked like and easy adjustment so Bonnie and I did that also when we got here.  The GFCI was fine last night and today so time will tell.  Time to relax a little.


Going to bed earlier has the added benefit of waking up earlier.  Tomorrow we move again and we have a 100 miles to go until we are out of Texas, then we will drive all the way across Louisiana and stop in Vicksburg as soon as we cross into Mississippi.

I finished planning the rest and fuel stop planning today as far as Huntsville, actually we are staying in Athens just West of Harvest where my son and family live, 671 miles from here.  Then I watched some shows on Hulu.  Bonnie wrote some postcards and got them ready to mail.  Isn’t she mighty good looking.  Nice to see the green grass here instead of the desert.

Two treats today first was the delicious supper that Bonnie fixed.  The pork chops were huge I could not finish all of mine, I did eat all of my green beans.

Then I got a message and I was able to tune into the livestream broadcast from Crossroads for the Good Friday Service.  I really enjoyed it.  I thought the audio was a little low so texted the tech guys and after a quick adjustment it was much better.

Then I went outside and put in the small awning and looked things over, we should be set to leave in the morning.  Just disconnect water and power.  Then run the care through its pre-departure procedure, check the lights and we should be rolling.  Now to watch Blue Bloods.


I was up before the alarm again today and got the coffee started and poured my cereal before I woke Bonnie up.  It looked like a nice overcast day, which is good since we are heading East.  We unhooked, prepared the car, slides in and we were on the road by 9:30am again.  I drove the first leg which took us out of Texas and into Louisiana.  We stopped at Greenwood, LA at the Flying J and took on some fuel.  Bonnie took over the driving duties.

I grabbed my iPad and phone and sat back and relaxed.  Traffic was a little hectic in Shreveport but no problem for Bonnie.

Listening to podcasts made the time fly by and soon it was time to pull in to a rest area and I took over to drive the last 90 miles.  We crossed to the East side of the Mississippi River for the first time in 18 months and arrived in Vicksburg, MS.  We pulled into the Magnolia RV Park and Resort.  Not sure where the resort part is.  Tony the owner was friendly and helpful but the sites are really tight and close together.  Our neighbor had to but their awning in so we could open our living room slide.  Thankfully they are leaving in the morning.

Now to get a good nights rest and find a church for tomorrow.


Resurrection Sunday, we call it Easter here in the US.  We had chosen to attend a church just a mile down the street, Crossway Church.

Wow, turned out to be the most Awesome Worship Service I ever attended.  Turns out the church was a Southern Baptist Church.  But it is a very creative and forward thinking church.  They have two services, the early service is traditional with hymns and traditional music.  The second, which we attended is called the creative service with modern worship songs and a worship team to lead them.  The message is the same in both.  Today the message was the start of a new series entitled Starting Point, pretty appropriate for Easter.  At the end of the service there was a Baptism for four people.  Then the Pastor opened up the baptism to anyone that had accepted Christ as Savior but not been Baptized 12 more people of all ages followed, it was awesome.  Such a friendly church.  Each of the four sections of seats has a host and today ours was welcoming us and passing out candy.  The folks next to us were from across the river in Louisiana.  Just an awesome place to be today.

The humidity here is rough on us its only 72 but 80% humidity, after a winter of 10-15% in the desert.  We decide to tour the National Military Park at Vicksburg before going back to the coach.  There was a light drizzle when we pulled into the visitor centers parking lot.  We parked next to a display of the various cannons used here.

We walked in just in time to stamp my Passport and then sit-down to see the introductory film.  After that we headed out on the 16 mile auto loop tour.  This is a very nice memorial park to the soldiers and sailors that fought and died here.  Over 10,000, sadly they were all Americans.  In the end the Confederates were isolated from their supplies and General Pemberton surrender to General Grant.  We enjoyed the tour even in the rain.  Here are some pictures from the drive.  Lots of monuments to the different units that fought here.

Lots of single cannons at the locations they were used.

And multiple cannons.

Of course General Grant

and a solder.

Several of the cannon batteries were totally manned by sailors as well as gunboats on the Mississippi.  This is the actual USS Cairo the last of these boats still surviving.

7 of these gunboats were build in 100 days

She met her fate on the Yazoo river just north of Vicksburg, she was the first ship to be destroyed by an electronically detonated torpedo.

It was almost 4 when we headed back to the coach after a quick stop for fuel in the car.  Bonnie made some really good chicken wing dip that we had with tortilla chips.  Going to watch the Salute to the Bee Gees and then off to bed.

Tomorrow we move into Alabama, Roll Tide.

Thanks For Checking In!