Roll Tide


We were up dumped, unhooked and on the road before 10 this morning.  A little shorter planned trip today only 246 miles.  I drove to the first rest area, some light rain.  Bonnie drove then and encountered some heavy rain, thankfully it did not last long.  The planned rest stop was closed so we got off at the next exit and changed seats.  Fifty or so miles later we were in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama.  We got off I-20 there and headed into the boonies.  We are only 8 miles from downtown but drove 16 miles to get here.  We are at the Deerlick/Lake Holt Corp of Engineers park.  This is a nice wooded camp ground with nice level sites.  The sites are up on the ridges overlooking the lake.  There are decks at most sites built out over the edge, very nice.  The CG is pretty empty now but the weekends are already all booked.  Just a couple nights here and then we move up to Athens near my son and family.  No WiFi here but good Verizon.  ABC is the only network we can receive.

Can’t beat this for $12 a night.  Water and 50amp power, just no sewer at the site.


Our plan for today was just rest and relaxing.  We have not even unhooked the car.  Bonnie even sat out on the deck and had her coffee.

She had her camera and was hoping to see some birds.  We can hear them but she never did see any.  I sat out for a while and cut my toe nails.  Its so quiet here during the week.  I think one car drove by all day and I did see the park attendant in his golf cart go by.  I also heard a couple fishermen down on the lake.  There is no WiFi here and the Verizon signal is not real strong but it is super fast and has not dropped out.  Its the last day of our billing cycle so I watched Hulu and also a movie and some shows on Netflix.  Never missed a beat.  This evening I ran a whole bunch of updates from the App Store.

So tomorrow we head for Huntsville, we are actually staying in Athens and once we get on I-65 in Birmingham its a straight shot North.  We should only have about 165 miles to go and a short stop to take on fuel.  Then we can start to enjoy some family time.


We woke up this morning without the alarm and took our time getting ready to roll.  Still we were ready to pull-out right at 10am.  It took about 60seconds for us to run into a problem.  We could not make the turn out of the loop on to the main road without backing up.  Since the car was already hooked up backing up is a no no.  Tow bars are not made for backing up.  So for the first time in our experience we had to unhook the car.  That just took a couple minutes and once Bonnie backed up the car I backed the coach up a little and completed the turn.  We re-hooked the car and exited the campground.

By the time we made it through the back roads and town it was 11pm as we pulled onto I-20 again.  Traffic was not bad and we were in Birmingham in no time and turned North onto I-65 the home stretch.  We stopped at the Pilot station and took on 70 some gallons of diesel.  Bonnie bought us Subway sandwiches for lunch.  Twenty miles later we pulled into Northgate Travel Park.  There was a note on the door telling us to choose a space in Row C.  We picked C-6 and parked in a nice long pull-thru.  We heard thunder in the distance and the clouds were pretty dark so we got busy hooking up.  Bonnie took care of the water.

I got the sewer hoses out and hooked up and since we had done the power first we were all set.  We put the slides out, leveled and turned on the air conditioners.  Turns out the storm went North West of us but we did get a little rain from it.

Later on we headed over to my sons house, today is his birthday but no real celebration was planned.  We stopped at CVS on the way and picked up an RX for Bonnie.  He just beat us home from his work and we were greeted by our youngest Grand daughter Reagan, what a cutie.

Then Robby had to pick Grace up from her math tutor, while he was gone Ashley got home also.  So we had a good time catching up a little.  I think everyone was tired so we headed home about 8:30.

I had had a package sent to the house and when I got back to the coach I opened it.  Its supposed to be a air quick connect but they shipped just the cover.  So now to get that straightened out.

Well thats about it for now, we have made it to Alabama and now its time for some family time.

Thanks For Checking In.


  1. Nice toread about your travels Bob. I’m beginning along travel year. Visiting my son in Rapid City, SD for the month of April. Will spend May and June home in Montana then head for Depew in July. Then back to Montana until hunting is finished in mid October. Then Texas area for the colder months.

  2. Hi Bob, well shawn and I made the long trip to Ny after visiting wheels through time in Maggie Valley NC. Since it’s our first trip up north with it we took a slow ride staying two nights at different walmarts and one night in the parking lot of Scioto casino in Columbus. As we drove through the smokey mountains there was a 20 mile twisty turny road and it was bumpy and two of my containers of food went flying in the stair well so after I picked up an opened bag of chocolate chips that went everywhere I had to stand it the aisle and keep the rest from flying. After that episode all was good. Will be having a motorcoach rendezvous here this summer. Plenty of room to park you and Bonnie are invited. Safe travels as we hit NY yesterday at 3 only to find a well pump issue, thank goodness for our coach.

    1. Glad to hear you all made it home. Thanks for the offer. Right now it looks like we will be staying over in Holland with family.

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