Family Time


Its good to be back around family.  It had been over a year since I had seen any or our family.  This morning Bonnie did a load of wash and I caught up on my TV programs.  I also talked to SMI and they are again shipping me the Air Quick Connect.

Then about 4 this afternoon we headed over to River Rock Stables to watch GD Gracie ride.  We watched her tack up the horse and then she and two other girls rode for about an hour, under the supervision of a trainer and then she brushed him and groomed him while he cooled down.  First the English Saddle.

All ready to go

Practice Practice

Time change horses.

This looks like a very nice facility.  Its clean and very modern looking.  They are building a new indoor arena here which will be nice in the heat of summer and cool of winter.

Reagan had come along to watch also and we also gave a friend of theirs a ride home.  Then Robby and I sat out on their new patio while he unpacked and put together some new furniture.  Ashley was at Harrison’s soccer game, which they won.  Finally we headed home around 9 again.  The next couple of days will be busy so stay tuned.


Today about noon we headed over to our Sons house.  Harrison our GS has a soccer tournament in Birmingham this weekend and I was heading down there with them.  There were two games this afternoon and one Saturday morning.  If they win their bracket then there are more playoffs in the afternoon.  They won their first game 3-0 and did really good.

The second game was a different story.  They had at least 5 good opportunities to score but the ball just kept hitting the crossbar, no goals.  They played good defense also but the other team scored on the few opportunities they got and we lost.

We checked into the Drury Inn for the night and then walked next door to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  The food was very good and we shared meals and tried not to over eat since it was so late.  Now to try to get some sleep.


I had a pretty restless night and 6:30 seemed to come very early.  We went down stairs to eat at 7:00 and headed for the soccer fields about 7:20.  The game started at 8:30 after they warmed up.  The boys looked like they were not fully awake and the game ended tied 2-2.  So the tournament was over for the Sparkman team.  Back to the hotel so Harrison could shower and then we headed home.

We made a stope at the Alabama Farmers Market and picked up some ferns and geraniums for Ashley.  We had quite a car full as we headed North.  No laying down and napping for Harrison today.

Robby grilled up some Sahlen hot dogs for lunch, now I need a nap.  But first we are watching the Alabama A game.  The offense plays the defense.  The winner gets a steak dinner, Crimson won.


It rained most of last night but I was beat so really slept good.  I was up in time to watch some of the LiveStream from Crossroads.  Even caught a glimpse of my daughter and future son-in-law.

We headed over to my sons neighborhood to look at a house during an open house.  Mostly we wanted to meet the realtor but she was at a different house.  We did meet her husband who was expecting us.  The house was not our cup of tea but I think we like the realtor.  So hopefully we can look at more while we are here.  Then we hung out with the family the rest of the day.  Thats about it for this week, hopefully it will be a dryer week coming up.

Thanks For Checking In!