House Tours


Well we never even unlocked the door of the coach today.  It was cool and heavy overcast all day, no sunshine.  That made it easier to stay in.  Bonnie did several loads of wash.  We talked to the realtor about what we are looking for and looked at a lot of houses on line.  We are planning to look at two houses tomorrow.  Thats about it for today.


Wow where has the time gone.  I just realized its Thursday and I am two days behind and missed publishing for the first time on time.

Well we met with the realtor and actually looked at 3 houses.  One was a repeat and just has too large a lot and way to much landscaping to take care of.  Plus we would want to change a lot inside.

The other two were pretty nice.  One is not in a very good location but was ok inside.  The other is in a really nice setting but is two story and has a good amount of outside work to keep up with.

After that we went to the kids house and spent some time with them and had a  bite to eat.  Then home to the coach.


Another stay at home day.  Stacy the realtor send some links to houses to look at but nothing that we wanted to run right out and look at.  Bonnie did some more wash while I went up and paid for another week.  Wes the owner likes to chat and we talked for an hour or so.  Then I went down the road to CVS and picked up refills for our RXs.  The rest of the day we relaxes, researched a lot of houses and watched some shows.  Bonnie made chicken and rice in the instant pot and it was good.

That about catches us up, sorry its a little boring.  Thanks For Checking In!