Still in Harvest, AL


More wash today and then we plan to go and watch Gracie ride again.  Some storms went through last night but it was quick and not too bad.  In the afternoon we headed over to watch Gracie ride again.  She really enjoys the horses and Reagan gets in on the action also.  We got there in time to check the progress on the new covered riding arena.

We also got to watch Steve rake and smooth the practice arena.

And to meet one of the stable dogs.

Then the main attraction to watch the girls ride.  The smile says it all.

Afterwards the horse got a nice cool down shower and groomed.

Of course Reagan wants to do everything that her big sister does.

Then it was back to the house, Bonnie had brought supper and of course grass cutting season has started here so Robby was busy.

We headed back to the coach after dark, still looking at houses on line and we found a couple new listings of for sale by owner houses.


The kids were off school today so we headed over to spend time with them since their parents had to work.  I also called Stacy and she is setting up a couple houses for us to look at on Saturday.  I took Grace over to the stables so she could help out there and spend time with the horses.  Reagan entertained us with a couple dance routines that she wants to use in a school talent show.

Bonne made a tri tip roast for supper and au grated potatoes to go with her coleslaw.  It disappeared quickly.  We visited for a while and then headed back to the coach.  Tomorrow we see a couple more houses.


Not much to report on today.  We met with our realtor and looked at 3 houses today.  The first one is for sale by owner and it looked like a brand new house, very well taken care of.  Even has a back up generator.  We are leaning toward a one story house but this is truly move in ready.  The other two were one story but one is next to a big drainage ditch and the other did not appeal to us and is next to the elementary school.  So the search continues.

Then we went over and stayed with the kids while our son and his wife went out to an event for the hospital.  Bonnie ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and the evening passed quickly.


I woke up this morning just in time to tune into the LiveStream broadcast from our old church in Elma, NY.  So I got to share in their worship service and a really good sermon on raising children from Pastor Pat.

Then I got a shower and finally headed outside to dump the tanks.  Once that was done I got out my Scansnap scanner, after all its the end of April.  Fifteen minutes later all the receipts, packing lists and RXs were scanned and stored in Evernote and Dropbox.

We had one house to look at on our own today.  It is just across the street from our sons and our DIL set up the house tour for us.  Again it is a very nice house but the rooms are a little small for what we feel we need.  Then we spent the afternoon with my son and grandkids as Ashley was working at the hospital.  There were a lot of warnings,first Severe Thunderstorms and then Tornados.  While there were some pretty strong winds and some rain that was about the worst of it where we were.  We headed back to the coach to check on it a little after five and everything looked fine, so we are thankful for that.

I think we are just going to take it easy tomorrow and relax a little.  I will try not to research more houses on the internet.

Thats about it for this week, Thanks For Checking In!









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  1. Yes, those back up generators come in handy, escpecially when you are out of town..!


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