May 2017

Short Week

MONDAY Spent some time this morning remembering those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and our way of life.  Thank You. We relaxed most of the day […]

In For Service

Monday I was up at 7:00 this morning so I could be ready at 8:15 to sign in for service at the office.  I went in on time and Don […]

RV Mecca

Thursday Today we made it to Elkhart, IN, where the vast majority of RVs are made in the USA.  In my opinion if you need work done on your RV […]

Bump In The Road

MONDAY It been quite the day for the Jae family.  We got up this morning and took our time getting ready to leave.  But leaving from a relatives driveway is […]


THURSDAY Not much to report today.  It got rather warm and we spent the day visiting with Gary.  We also watched some the SEC softball tournament.  Lydia made it back […]

We are In Paris

MONDAY Today was wash day.  All I had to do was open the grey tank drain and then close it again this evening so we build up some water to […]

More Rain and Cold

THURSDAY Cold and Raining when we got up this morning and thats the way it stayed all day.  Sometimes it rained hard and sometime it eased up a little.  Our […]


MONDAY More storms last night at least one of them woke me with the thunder and then the heavy rain on the shower sky light.  It was nice when we […]