More storms last night at least one of them woke me with the thunder and then the heavy rain on the shower sky light.  It was nice when we got up this morning and the sun was shining but boy was it windy.  The wind continued all day until the sunset.  Our DIL Ashley came for a short visit this afternoon.  She told us that Reagan lost a tooth this morning, she looks happy about it.

I made some calls today about getting our money back from Yosemite since the insurance company paid.  They emailed more forms to fill out and now we have to print them fill them out, scan them and email them back tomorrow.  Then wait. We also made some plans to visit Bonnie’s cousin up in Tennessee.  Finally we decided to have some catfish for supper.  So we visited the Catfish Cabin.  I had the Cabin Platter with Catfish, oysters, and shrimp.

Thats about if for today.  I do have a few pictures from last week.  This is how my NanoStation sits so it can aim out of the window.

And here are a couple of the girls playing and relaxing at the house.


Bonnie was up late reading so she slept in late this morning.  Then we got ready to go look at a house.  We stopped at the office on the way out and paid for another week here at the Travel Park.  The we headed over to look at a house that is not yet on the market.  The lady is a widow and is packing up to move and then she will list the house.  So we got a sneak peek.  A very nice house and one we could easily live in.  We counted 6 rooms that had closets and could be used as bedrooms.  The nice thing is that there are 3 for real bedrooms on the first floor.  She has not priced it yet so we will wait and see if we are still looking when she is ready to sell.

Reagan was at the house when we got there but then left to play with a friend.  Gracie got home and after a while I took her to her math tutor.  I sat out on the back porch and watched some of my Hulu programs on the TV out there.  Finally everyone was home and Robby made some really good pizza on the grill.  Ashley was working on a dance Reagan is to perform at school and Robby got to visit with us briefly.  Then we headed back to the coach.


Well the campground was empty except for us and one other unit for most of the day.  But it has pretty much filled up again by tonight.  We took it easy until mid afternoon then headed over to the kids house.  We tried to find a house we wanted to look at on the way over but I had the wrong address.

Bonnie took meat and hamburger helper to fix for us and Reagan.  Robby and Ashley had a box of onion soup that she souped up a little.  Harrison and Gracie ate at church.

We headed home along 8 and opened up some windows to cool the coach off a little.  Weatherman is calling for winds and rain later tonight.  Thats about it for whats happening around here.

Thanks For Checking In!