More Rain and Cold


Cold and Raining when we got up this morning and thats the way it stayed all day.  Sometimes it rained hard and sometime it eased up a little.  Our view today.

They even canceled the riding lesson for Grace today.  We never unlocked the door.  Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Cold and rainy all day today, the heat pumps have been running all day.  I have not been sleeping well as my arm has been aching when I lay down, hard to find a comfortable position to lay and sleep in.  Late in the afternoon we headed over to Robby’s.  Bonnie picked up some BBG from a small place on the way.  It was pretty good and we enjoyed it with the the beans and Cole slaw.  Ashley was working and the girls were out to dinner with their other grandmother so it was just the three of us as Harrison was camped out in his room.

We headed home just before dark and drove by another house in another area, but quickly decided it was not the house for us.


Did not sleep very comfortable again.  It was down in the 40s and we turn the heat off at night usually so the mattress pad did a nice job of keeping me warm.  The sun was up and I opened the shades when I got up to go to the bathroom so the coach was nice and warm when I got up for breakfast.

Just a few sprinkles late today otherwise it was nice and sunny all day, the sun warmed the coach up nicely, no heat pumps needed.  Bonnie went shopping and got her hair cut.  While she was gone I watched the NASCAR qualifying here at Talladega and then the Kentucky Derby.  About that time she was back with the groceries and once they were put away we headed to Robby’s.  We brought the chicken and he grilled it up along with some baked beans.  He also had a nice fire going that he and I enjoyed.

We visited for a couple hours and then headed home.  Not quite as cool this evening as last night.  But my shoulder or it could be my neck are still bothering me.


I was up this morning and caught the livestream from Crossroads again.  Then I watched the service from First Baptist of Huntsville.  Bonnie rubbed my shoulder and neck with Pain-a-trat.  By the time that was over it was time for the race from Talladega.  Then Grace called and said they wanted us to go to lunch with them.  Robby called with details and we were going to met them.  Then he found out it was closed today.  Plan B.  It was decided to go for pizza.  So we met them at the Village Pizza in downtown Athens about 10 minutes from here.  Getting ready to order.

The pizza was good and the wing called Fire and Ice were not too bad either.  Then we came back to the coach to finish watching the race.  Only two cautions and then the Big One not sure how many cars were involved but there was a Red flag for quite a while.  Then Ricky Stenhouse won his first race in the Monster Energy Series.  Then they all headed for home.  Time to relax and ice down my shoulder, I tried heat switching to ice.  It actually feels a little better.

Thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.





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