We are In Paris


Today was wash day.  All I had to do was open the grey tank drain and then close it again this evening so we build up some water to wash out the hose after we dump the black tank on Wednesday.  The weather was beautiful and I think our coldest nights are again behind us.  We stayed home all day and just chilled out.  I really chilled as I put the cold pack on my shoulder a couple times and it seems to be helping.  Bonnie rubbed my neck twice yesterday and I slept pretty good last night.


Cooled down nice overnight and the ice packs seem to be helping my shoulder quite a bit.  I slept pretty good last night.  I did get up and open some windows and turned on the fans this morning then laid down for a few minutes, that turned into almost 2 hours.  It is to be 89 today so I am guessing we will have to run the ac.  So far the fantastic fans are keeping us comfortable.  Bonnie is finishing the wash with a load of towels then later we plan to head over to Robby’s to grill out and say our goodbyes until August.

Wash is done and we had a good evening over with the kids and grandkids, they sure have a lot of energy.  Robby grilled and Ashley made some sides.  We did not head home until 10pm.  Now we need to hit the hay as we pack up and head for Tennessee in the morning.


Yes we are in Paris—Paris, Tennessee.

We were up early and broke camp.  Dumped the tanks, unhooked and we were on our way by about 10:30.  The weather was clear and the winds were light.  No problems, one rest stop for a break and to run the generator with the AC units humming along.  We pulled into Gary and Lydia’s driveway about 2:30 and 190 miles later.  We call this mooch-docking.

Their pets KiKi, Stewart and Tippy quickly adopted us, no barking at all.  One is already asleep on the coach next to me.

This is Stewart’s, I would like to go outside look.  Notice Tippy in the background.

Lydia is still working as a teacher and after a brief visit with her she had to take off for Nashville for a conference and won’t be back until tomorrow night.  Gary had a venison roast in the crockpot and added some veggies and it turned out really well.  I am not a big venison roast eater but I had seconds as it was good, tasty and tender.  We visited until about 10 then called it a night.  Thats about it from Paris.

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  1. Nice news from Paris, Tennessee. Take care of your shoulder Bob.
    We are in Berlin, Germany. When I first saw your blog, I thought you were here in Paris, France…:-)

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