Not much to report today.  It got rather warm and we spent the day visiting with Gary.  We also watched some the SEC softball tournament.  Lydia made it back from Nashville and Gary baked a pizza for supper.  Then we got a little rain but that cooled it off some so we got a pretty good nights sleep.  Bonnie and Lydia stayed up until 2am visiting.  Gary looks on while KiKi catches some Zs on my leg.


It rained most of the day and pretty hard at times.  We have a leak up front, I will have to get up and seal around the clearance lights or at least inspect them.  Lydia took the day off from work and we visited most of the day and looked at some of our pictures.  She made a great dinner of chicken Alfredo and salad.  Gary and I watched the truck race and now its time to call it a night.  We keep wanting to play Mexican Train but so far have not gotten around to it.


We bummed around and just visited all day.  Joe one of their sons and his 3 boys came down from Kentucky.  Joe did some repairs on what they call the fort for the kids. He build a solid gate at the top of the stairs and then replaced two stair treads.  Lydia made lasagna and we had that for a late lunch early dinner.  Of course there were lots of side dishes.  Then we celebrated Gary and Lukes birthdays and an early Mother’s Day.  This is Easton he is the youngest.

He came over to eat by me and told me he was a bread eater and he was.

Lydia sat by me for lunch also.

The others were over at the table.

This is Joe with his Mom and Jaxson plus Easton and KiKi

This is Luke the birthday boy.

Finally Lydia relaxed for a few minutes.

We were thinking of going to a show after the boys left but decided we would rather stay home and we watched the race from Kansas Speedway.


I was up in time to go in the house and take a shower.  Then we got dressed had a cup of coffee with Gary and we all headed to church at their church, Fairview Baptist in Paris.  We had a traditional service and they gave all the mothers a gift on the way out.  Gary fired up the grill and we had Ribs, potato salad, deviled eggs, olives and beans for lunch.  We had discussed going out and decided the places are too crowded.  Everything was delicious.

The afternoon passed quickly Bonnie got some mothers day calls and spoke to her sisters.  Maybe tonight we will play Mexican Train.  Thats about it for this week from Paris, TN.  Tomorrow we are moving up into Kentucky for a couple of days.  Thanks For Checking In!