Bump In The Road


It been quite the day for the Jae family.  We got up this morning and took our time getting ready to leave.  But leaving from a relatives driveway is a different routine.  Plus for some reason I did not use my checklist and double check all the things that Bonnie had done, we always do that.  We got backed out of the driveway and on our way,, with Bonnie following in the car.  On the third or fourth turn and dip in the road there was a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass.  I did not see what it was until I pulled over to hook up the car.  We had forgotten to secure the refrigerator door with the velcro strap.  A pyrex loaf pan slid off the top shelf and shattered on the floor.  Bonnie did a good job of cleaning that up.  She picked up the big pieces, swept and then vacuumed.  We also put out the slide and got what got under there.  Clear sailing until we got into Kentucky.

We were just South of I-24 on the Purchase Parkway when I thought the engine bucked like a plugged filter.  When we crested the hill I switch to the rear camera and saw the car weaving back and forth, not good.  I eased off the accelerator and finally got to coasting, then we started up the other side of the valley and we slowly came to a stop.  Bonnie and I got out to look and found this.

It appears that the locking hitch pin broke and fell out.  I had checked it this morning before we left and its been in place and locked since Yuma.  There is some damage to the front of the car and the back of the coach.  Looks like we will be heading to Elkhart for some repairs.  I had a spare hitch pin so I installed it after putting the tow bar back into the receiver, we checked everything over real good.  Ran through our pre-departure check list again and continued our trip.

When we pulled into the Elizabethtown Crossroads CG Bonnie said we have been here before and sure enough we had.  We got a newer pull in site next to the pond and plan to be here two night.  We called the kids to let them know we were ok and let a few other people know also.  I also texted a Place in Elkhart to get on the list for an appointment.  The joys of full time RVing, it truly is an adventure.

Earlier in the day I got a text from my son that he was not having a good day either.  He had a water leak in the wall of his house.  The insurance company sent a crew to tear the walls open and take up the carpet and started to get things dried out.  Its their bedroom so guess they will be bunking with the kids.  I think thats about it for today.


Its been quite a busy day for me.  I got in touch with PJ, who now is the service writer at Pro Custom Inc. in Elkhart.  I had sent him pictures last night.  He said it will be expensive because of all the fiberglass work that needs repaired and then painted.  He was able to get us an appointment there for next Monday.  Then I made some reservations and we plan to be in Elkhart on Thursday night.  We also extended here for a day.  Then I called the insurance company and reported the accident and they opened the claims.  One for the car and one for the coach.  But I will have only one deductible since its the same company.  They sent me a link to an app and had me take pictures.  Then later Kerry who is handling the claim called me and explained the procedure to me.  So that ball is rolling.  I should hear from the adjusters later this week and we will go from there when we get an estimate from Pro Custom.  The good thing is we can stay at Pro Custom as they have Power, Water and a dump station.  I also have a couple maintenance items that they maybe able to fix while we are there.  Doesn’t sound like much but its 10:30 and I still have not been able to relax.  Here are a couple pictures.


I thought today would be a restful day but I ended up with lots of email to answer and then planning for the trip to Elkhart tomorrow.  We can move to Pro Custom on Sunday afternoon so we will be there Monday morning for them to at least do an estimate.  Long day for us tomorrow just over 300 miles to get up there but we will need to fuel and drive thru Louisville and around Indianapolis.  Bonnie did laundry today and then I went out after the news and dumped, rinsed and unhooked the sewer hose.  Now just the water and electric in the morning.  It got rather warm today and humid so we fired up the AC.  Now the wind has picked up and we may get some rain tonight.

Well thats about it from Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Thanks For Checking In!