RV Mecca


Today we made it to Elkhart, IN, where the vast majority of RVs are made in the USA.  In my opinion if you need work done on your RV this is where the experts are.  The trick is finding them.  We pulled out of Elizabethtown, KY this morning, filled up at Pilot before we got into Indiana and pulled into Elkhart Campground at 4:30.  In the upper 80s today but it has already dropped into the 60s at 10pm, 40s overnight.  A nice relief from the heat.  No problems today just a long drive.  Bonnie is a little gun shy after the tower incident and would rather I drive for now. I drove the whole way with two breaks which was enough.  The campground is pretty full but we got one of the newer sites and it is nice and level.  With my Nanostation we have a great WiFi signal and the speed is not too bad.  So we are here until Sunday.


Very overcast this morning and it stayed dark in the bedroom.  I guess I needed to catch up on some sleep because I woke up around 8 in the same position I went to sleep in, then rolled over and slept until 11:30.  Shortly after I got up the rain started.  I called our Dr and requested a couple refills on my RXs and made an appointment for a physical in June.  Then went online and ordered a RX refill for Bonnie.

We decided to go out and get a few things done.  First was lunch at the Jade Garden which we really like.

Lunch specials are a complete meal soup, egg roll, entree, and fried rice all for under $8 some are much less.  I had the General Tso’s Chicken my favorite also the Hot Sour soap.

Mine was very good but Bonnie did not think hers was as good.  It was raining hard when we left and headed to Pro Custom as I wanted to check out where we would be spending the next couple of weeks.  We pulled in and when I walked in I heard my name,  It was PJ our friend.  He used to work at ESS when we were there and now works here as the Service Writer.  So we got our parking spot for Sunday when we move in here and the codes for the gate.  After we chatted for a while we headed out back toward our coach.

Next stop was the Honda dealer to check on them fixing the car.  On the way we passes a bunch of xfinity bucket trucks working in a parking lot in the pouring rain.  When we got to Honda we found out why, all their phones and computers were down.  So I got their info and will contact them Monday for an appointment.  Next stop was Aldi so Bonnie could do a little grocery shopping.  Then on to CVS to pick up our RXs.  Finally when we came out the rain was stopping.  Back at the coach we got to carry in the groceries without the rain much nicer.

Then after the news we talked with our son for a while and then watched the Mother’s Day service from our old church back in NY.  They are uploading it to YouTube now, very nice.  It only got to 58 today but should be in the 70s tomorrow so that will be nice.


It was raining when I got up today and it continued to rain for most of the day.  Quite a few rigs pulled out in the rain but we had no plans to move and Bonnie washed the bedding.

It stopped raining late this afternoon and I did venture out to check out the water pressure regulator.  I noticed yesterday that it was higher than the 50psi that I have it set for.  Probably needs cleaned of the deposits from the high mineral water we had out in Yuma.  So I will try that after we get moved.  I did go out and tap on it and adjust it in and out and it seems to be holding at 50 now.  Still I will open it up and see if it needs cleaned.

We watched some of the Indy 500 qualifying and then the Preakness now to make the bed and then back to taking it easy.


It rained and stormed at least until I was asleep, I kept hearing the thunder.  Then it was raining pretty hard again this morning when we got up.  We were visited by the CG Pastor yesterday and told him we would be at services this morning, so we got ready and headed over to the REC building.  The rain had just stoped and we were right on time at 10:30.  Less than 15 people showed up but it was a good time.

We headed back to the coach and packed up to get moved.  We were a little after the noon checkout time but not too bad.  We only had 10 miles to go and so it was a quick trip.  Bonnie followed me and then entered the gate code and I pulled in.  David one of the other coach owner here was out and he helped direct me into our assigned parking spot.  We leveled and hooked up.  I put up the TV antenna and then set up my Nanostation to pick up the inside WiFi, luckily David had the code for that also.  Without it we would not have WiFi here.  Then we were able to stream the YouTube of the morning service from Crossroads so that was nice.

Bonnie fixed some pancakes and sausage on her new cast iron round griddle that Lydia gifted her.  Been a long time since we had any and they sure were good and we still had some real maple syrup.

During the afternoon a couple more units pulled in and parked ready to start service tomorrow morning.  Here is our setup for the next couple of weeks.

I did go out and meet our neighbor Bill they are winding up their stay and should be leaving in the next couple of days.

Well thats about it for this week, stay tuned and Thanks For Checking In!