In For Service


I was up at 7:00 this morning so I could be ready at 8:15 to sign in for service at the office.  I went in on time and Don gave me some paperwork to fill out.  Then back to the coach.  It was about 2 hours before PJ made it to us to start the process.  Besides the damage from the tow bar accident I gave him a list of things that I wanted looked at or repaired.  Things like slide rollers and slide bottoms coming loose.  I also wanted the roof inspected for cracked caulking and sealed up if needed.  He took all that down and then went in and worked on the estimate for me to sign.  The paint and body guys came out and started to work on the estimate for the rear of the coach.

The Honda body shop also called and asked if we could drop the car off today.  So I called the insurance company and they set up a rental car for us at Enterprise.  They were out of cars but said to come in a couple hours.  Which we did still no cars so they set us up in a mini van which we like better anyway.  Then we dropped the car off for Dave to start the process and headed back to Pro Custom with a stop at Martins for a few groceries.

I talked to Don and he said be ready at 8:15 and they would be starting on the list.  So after a couple TV shows this evening I am off to bed.


Jim was at the door this morning around 8:30 to go over the list of what we need done.  Then he looked at our slide and since I already have a plate on it we decided to reseal it and not install the newer guardian plates.  That saves a ton a money.  Then he inspected the roof and found a few places that need resealed.  It sprinkled some today so that will wait a while.  I also got the estimate for the damage to the back of the coach and it was just under 8000 most of that being labor.

I went up to the customer Lounge for a while and used the faster connection in there to update some apps.  I also chatted with some of the other customers and met their dog Abby.  We compared notes and talked about their trip to Alaska.

Jim came by after lunch and said he had another coach to work on this afternoon so we were done for the day.  So we took off for Topeka, In, just South of Shipshewana.  We were headed for Lampbright Comfort Chairs, to see if Vernon had any deals.

We have been here before and had pretty much decided that when we buy a house we want to get the couches and chairs from here.  Well Vernon made us a good deal on a floor model recliner (lead time is 6 weeks to order one) that Bonnie liked.  She wanted one with cloth and not ultra leather.  Since our car in in the shop and we nave a mini-van we were able to transport it back to the coach.  Vernon took it apart into three pieces so it was pretty easy to get into the coach.

Our with the Old broken down one.

In with the new.

I think she looks comfortable.

Time to relax a little now.  And yes Bonnie says its comfortable.


Up at 7:00 again this morning but no one actually worked on the coach until after noon.  I checked with the Don and told him we were leaving for an hour or so.  Bonnie and I removed the old chair from the coach and put it into the mini van.  Then we dropped it off at a Good Will donation site.  The road was tore up in front of the building so we were not sure at first they were open.  Then Bonnie wanted to shop at a Goodwill so we found another one and she browsed in there while I waited in the car.

Then back at the coach I had my left over hamburger for lunch.  Then I went out to see if I could figure out where the exhaust break air control solenoid was.  No Luck with that.  But PJ was able to get us into Tom and Marv’s truck service next week so hopefully they can find and fix it.  While I was out looking for it Kevin a service tech showed up.  We looked at the slides and inspected the rollers.  He said the rollers look fine and his only suggestion was to put some slide lube and conditioner on the slide seals.  It took me a while to find my can of lube but I did spray the slide that seemed to stick and it seems to be working better now.  I will try to do the others later.  So no real problems were found so thats good.  He will seal around the clearance lights when we get it inside.

So now we are waiting on the insurance appraiser to get on the same page as the body shop here for the coach and then they can start to work on the collision damage.  Otherwise we are pretty much just parked here until that happens.  Hopefully we will get our car back tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

Thanks For Checking In!