Waiting on Insurance Approval


I slept until 8 today as we had no service scheduled for today.  We stayed up and watched the end of Survivor last night so it was nice to sleep in a little.  It rained overnight but it was dry all day today.  I talked to Ray at Honda and also the insurance company and they are sending the check to Honda and we should be able to pick up the car tomorrow.  PJ is still waiting to hear about the Coach claim.  They found more damage and have to get the supplementals approved, so we wait.  I guess I will make some more calls tomorrow.  This is a long weekend for the shop so I am guessing nothing will happen here until at least next Tuesday.  We also need to go to the chassis shop to have the exhaust brake valve worked on.

I spent a good amount of time in the lounge today talking to Arnold and Peg who have been full timing for 16 years.  They are from Connecticut and are heading there for the summer.  Bonnie made some good chicken and sweet potatoes in the instant pot for supper.  Thats about it for today.


So from the way it sounds PJ is making progress with the insurance company so thats good.  Then Bill called from Honda and said the car was done, they got payment from the insurance company and we could come and pick it up.  So we left here around 1 and stopped at The Great Wall for lunch.  They have good lunch specials and we may like it better than the Jade Garden.  From there we went to Honda and checked over the car.  The gap above the bumper looked a little wide to me and Bill agreed.  He took it back into the shop and they tried to get it better.  It is better but still seems a little off to me.  He wants to blame the towing base plate but it was good before the accident.  So we accepted it and will keep an eye on it.

Then we headed to Enterprise and dropped off the car.  Our mail shipment had been delivered so we ran by Pro Custom and picked it up.  Then we headed to Weavers Furniture Barn to look at their furniture.  It is a big place and we saw lots of nice furniture that would be nice in our house when we get it.  Finally we headed home and settled in for the evening and of course it rained for a few hours.

Congratulations to our Grand Nephew Dan who graduated from Kindergarten.


No alarm this morning but I was up by 9 anyway.  Pretty quiet day here at Pro Custom the workers are off and there are just two other occupied coaches here and a few without their owners.  We just hung out and really did not do anything.  Then mid afternoon Bill and Geri who were out the past couple of days getting chassis work done pulled in.  I went out and helped him back in.  Then left so he could hook up and set up.  Bonnie fixed left overs for a late lunch.

Then later we all sat out and chatted except Bonnie who continued to read her kindle.  We decided to call it a night just after 8 and everyone headed in.  My daughter and her fiancé had some engagement photos taken and I snagged this one off of Facebook.  They are a good looking couple.

My eyelids are getting heavy so I am calling it a night


We were up this morning and able to tune in to the livestream from our previous church in NY again.  Pastor Pat is in the middle of a series so I am glad we are keeping up with that.  Then we had quite the rain storm this afternoon but it did not last to long.  My time capsule backup disk also informed me that it needed to run a complete back up so that has been running all day and hopefully will finish overnight.

After the sun came back out I got out my chair and clippers and Bonnie cut my hair.  Then I sat out front in the shade to read and relax.  We had a new coach pull in with a couple from Pennsylvania, Rod and Pam.  Then Bill in the coach next to us came back and he and Geri his wife came out and sat with me.  Soon Arnold and Peg came out and then Rod and Pam.  The ladies kept asking about Bonnie and I told her and she came out and joined us.  In fact we just came in as it was getting cold out.  We had a good time chatting and getting to know the group that is here for repairs.

We watched the Indy 500 earlier and now the NASCAR race is about to start up again after a long rain delay.  Could be a late night.

Thats about it for this week, Thanks For Checking In!