Short Week


Spent some time this morning remembering those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and our way of life.  Thank You.

We relaxed most of the day as did the others that are here awaiting service and repair.  I worked a little on the front of the Honda and reset a couple pieces of plastic so they were put together properly.  I will look at it some more and hopefully get the gaps closed up.  I remember when I put the base plate on it took a little maneuvering to get it right.

Our neighbor Bill came out just as I was putting the car in its spot and we sat down and chewed the fat and soon the others that are staying here all joined us and we chatted for a couple of hours until we all got hungry.  Bill was grilling steak so Bonnie asked him if we could grill some sausage and he said sure.  So Bonnie put them on the grill and I watched them and thats what we had for supper.  Thats about it for today, looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.


Well the techs were back to work today at 8:00am all but one that got let go over the weekend.  The business here is restructuring and we are not exactly sure what is going on.  But they promise to be bigger and better by fall.  Anyway after a few phone calls from myself and PJ to the insurance folks we finally have an agreed upon estimate.  The only thing they denied was replacing the tow bar that scrapped along the road for a couple miles.  I put a call into Blue Ox and they had me send them a bunch of pictures to see if they thought it was safe to use and to decide what parts may have been stressed and need replaces.  The service manager here was surprised since there could be stress damage that may not be seen and it could be a liability issue so they will not inspect it and say it is ok.  So I should hear from Blue Ox tomorrow.

So we are making progress.  Tomorrow morning at 8 we are to have the coach ready to travel and get it moved into the shop so they can start on the body work.  Hopefully that will be done by Friday afternoon and then Sunday night we will move to a hotel so they can start painting on Monday morning at 5am.  Hoping that takes just a couple days.  Then we have to get the exhaust brake fixed over at the chassis shop.  Still hoping to be ready to leave here by June 9th.


We were up and all buttoned up and ready to move at 8 this morning it was after 8 but Don did move the coach into the shop.  Bonnie and I moved to the lounge for the day.

These two young girls were already at work on the coach next to us removing the Diamond Shield Mask that had gone bad.  They worked steadily and at a good pace all day and got about 1/3 of it done.  They steam it and use a plastic scrapper.  Its hard work and they are good workers.

We hung around because I wanted to dump when they brought the coach out of the shop at 1:00.  Bonnie read and I caught up on some shows using Hulu and Netflix.  I also sent a few emails back and forth to Blue Ox.  They suggested we take it to a local dealer and have it rebuilt and so I found one that could do and was pretty close.  The main issue is the center pin bolt got ground down.

Local Shop

So Don pulled the coach out around 1:30 and parked it at the dump station.  We dumped the tanks, then parked and set up the coach for the night.  Then we took off and dropped off the tow bar.  We were both hungry and stopped at Texas Roadhouse for linner.  Nope they don’t open until 4.  So off we went to Cracker Barrel and had a nice meal there.

Looking at the coach it looks like they got the fiberglass lined up again and hopefully tomorrow they will get some new fiber glass on it.

We bit farewell to Rocky and Peg today as they were finally finished after 20 some days here, safe travels.  Peg and Rocky on the right at the last Happy Hour.

There are two other couples still here and we sat out for a while tonight before they went in to supper.  Bonnie turned in early and I will go earlier than usual also since we are getting up at 7.

Once we finish here we need to go to chassis shop for a day or two and have this are leak looked at and a couple other things.

Well thats about it so far this week.  Hope to have a lot more to report on by the weekend.

Thanks for Checking In!