June 2017

Rainy day and rainy nights

MONDAY Two big events today.  Alexus was starting a new job which will give her forty hours a week, Congratulations.  She is cleaning for the schools system.  She found it […]

Happy Birthday

THURSDAY Today is my brides birthday, she has completed another trip around the sun.  Happy Birthday Bonnie.  She was actually up before me this morning.  Her sister Donna and nephew […]

Wet Weather

MONDAY It rained a lot last night and brought in some cooler weather.  Elizabeth had taken the day off and when I talked to her she asked if I wanted […]

Amazon Delivers

THURSDAY I am writing this on Friday as I got a bit behind.  I watched a little TV and waited on the Big Brown Truck today.  In between Alexus and […]

46 Years

MONDAY Today is our 46th Wedding Anniversary, we set no alarms today and I was still up by 9 and Bonnie shortly afterwards.  I was up late last night researching […]

East Bound and Down

Thursday Since we were not expecting parts to come in until noon we slept in a little, but we were ready to be worked on by 9.  The part came […]

Out of the Body Shop

MONDAY Another day at the hotel.  I waited around until after lunch time and then headed over to the shop to check on the coach.  I did check on the […]

In the Body Shop

THURSDAY We had the coach closed up and ready to move by 8 when then moved it back into the shop.  We sat up in the lounge all morning until […]