In the Body Shop


We had the coach closed up and ready to move by 8 when then moved it back into the shop.  We sat up in the lounge all morning until 1:30 when the coach was brought back outside again.  The paint shop actually starts at 5am and when they are ready to paint thats when they will start on ours.  So back out to the coach and set it up for the night again.  They “Glassed it today” meaning they patched all the cracks and tears and reenforced where needed.

This is just the visible damage there is work on the inside also.  Remember the girls that were taking the plastic shield off of the Beaver next to us.  They worked all of one day and then again yesterday afternoon.  It was all cracked and mildewed under the plastic.  It looked like this.

Close to the finish.

This is finished up now.  The is a little paint touch up to do but I think it came out great.

After the shop closed we sat out next to our coach with the two remaining couple and chatted until 8pm.  They both are planning to leave tomorrow.  Then it was early to bed.


Don told me they would be grinding on the coach today and maybe get it primed.  We were up in the lounge by 8am.  Bill and Geri pulled out and went over to Marv and Toms for an air leak, Pat and Sally decided to stay here until they leave for another appointment on Monday.  They Rod and Pam came back from the hotel as their coach was ready.  Their windshield is glued in and the frame had rusted and let it get loose.  So it had to be sanded down, treated and painted.  He says he is very particular and says he is happy and it looks like it was done right.

They are supposed to paint ours on Monday starting at 5am.  We checked the weather and it is to rain on Sunday and Monday morning.  So a decision was made to keep the coach in the shop and keep it dry.  Bonnie and I decided to go to Comfort Suites where they give Pro Custom customers a good rate.  We will check on things on Monday and hopefully they will finish buffing and detailing on Tuesday and we will be done.  So we are here for the weekend and Monday night.  Then we can air out the coach and move back in.  Quite a change for us to be in a hotel.  Looks like it is about ready for the paint.  No more holes or cracks.

We ate out at a local recommended restaurant called Heinnes and it was supper good.  A little more expensive than what we usually eat at, but I am stuffed.  I brought my whole baked potato back with me.  Bonnie is in enjoying a real bath and I may follow her.  Then hopefully we can get a good nights sleep, no alarm tomorrow morning,


Not much to write about today.  We stayed at the motel had breakfast and then Bonnie did the laundry.  Then we kept track of our daughters flights as she returned to Buffalo from Dallas and then later that day our future SIL left to drive to Boston for work.  He called and we talked to him for over an hour as he drove the NY Thruway.  We went out for supper at Long John Silvers and then did a little shopping at Walgreens and Dollar General.  Thats about it.  Oh I did watch Top Gun again on my laptop, one of only a couple movies I have watched more than once.


We were up this morning in time to get breakfast and then back to the room to tune in the Live Stream from Crossroads Church again.  The room next to us was quite noisy today and I think they were playing video games.  I did say something to the front desk when we went out.  Turns out it was a birthday party and they rented the room and enjoyed the pool. It is nice and quiet now.  I did watch the race on my iPad as it was not on the TV channels here, bugs me when they put it on FS1 but thats their choice.  Congrats to Jimmie Johnson on his 11th win at Dover.

We went out for Mexican and ended up in the hispanic part of town.  Nice neighborhood but all the businesses have Spanish names.  We ended up at Ricky’s Taqueria.

Small place and very busy we were the only Gringos there until just before we left when another couple came in.

I had their famous burrito and Bonnie had a Gordita which she really did not care for.  I loved the salsa but the chips were dark and a little greasy.  The Burrito was very good and too big to finish.  This was real Mexican food and did not have the American taste to it.  I also had a bottle of Mexican Pop real cane sugar and very tasty.

Bonnie wanted some ice cream so we headed back to Tres Mangos which we had seen earlier.  I had a small coned and she had a large yogurt.

Then we drove around a little and checked out a few things.  We drove by the shop and it appears that all the folks we were there with have departed.  Our coach is in the paint shop staying dry in case it rains like the weatherman says it will.  Then back to the hotel for the night.

Thats about it for this week Thanks for Checking In!