Out of the Body Shop


Another day at the hotel.  I waited around until after lunch time and then headed over to the shop to check on the coach.  I did check on the tow bar but no update yet.  At the shop I Don and the painter were in the office and they told me it was all painted and being baked in the booth, we are on schedule for completion tomorrow.  Then I headed up the road to check out my route to Marv and Tom’s truck service for Wednesday morning.  Finally off to my last stop and that was Subway.  We had a late lunch at the hotel and settled in for our last night.  I did some research for campgrounds on the way home but am not finding much along our route through Ohio.  Finally off to bed early.


Up this morning and shortly after breakfast I got an email from Amazon saying the package they had canceled would be delivered tomorrow.  So I tried to track it and its not there.  So I called.  They could not find it either or tell me the status.  So I hung up.  Then I got an email asking if they had solved my problem.  No.  So another person called,  long story short I have talked to 4 or 5 people on this problem and still they have no idea where the package is or if its even been shipped.  Since Friday they all tell me I will hear from them in 24-48 hours so far no one has called me back.

We checked out of the hotel and headed to the shop around 11, good news the coach was back in our spot #5.  I walked around back and this is what I saw.  All done and put back together.

What a difference a few days makes.  I even got a small bottle of touch up paint.

We put out the slides hooked up the water and leveled.  Then up to the office to see Don and go over the bill with him.  They had a couple things to do a quick check on and a couple corrections on the bill.  Then I was off to the production facility to see Rachel and settle up the Bill and sign the insurance checks.

Early today I got a text from Stacy at Dan’s Service that they were doing their best to get my tow bar done today.  Then around 3:00 Ray called and said it was done and I could pick it up.  So after paying the bill here I headed up there.  Wow I was a bit shocked $358 to repair it.  One major part $225 and a few misc. parts then 1.25 hours of labor.  I checked the prices and it was cheaper than I could get them on line.  They told me George has been working on them for 35 years, it looks nice and I know it is safe again.  I also bought a new locking hitch pin.  Later when I checked the bill they did not charge me for it.  I called the store but they were closed.  So I texted Stacy and got this in return.

So I guess it pays to be honest.  Then I put an email together and sent to the insurance adjuster asking them to consider adding the repair of the tow bar to the claim since it was damaged and they initially denied it.  Waiting to hear on that one.

On the way back to the coach I stopped at Elkhart Sales and Service to say hello to Tom who had worked on our coach a couple years ago when we started this adventure.

Tomorrow morning we go to get the exhaust brake looked at, hoping that does not take to long and we can get a couple other things looked at.  Early morning so off to bed soon.


We were up and ready to go by 7:30 this morning.  We made the short drive to Marv and Toms.

Once I got parked I found Ronnie and in a few minutes I had given him my list and he told me to pull in.  First on his list is oil and filter changes on the generator.

They also spotted a couple of my leaks, they changed a rear leveling valve, and spotted leaks on the front 6 pack of valves for the leveling system.  I had the o-rings for those and gave him those to use.  They also changed my air dryer cartridge.  We located the solenoid valve for the exhaust brake.  It is Ty-wrapped to the fuel return lines on the back of the engine.  We can see it but so far no-one can get their hand in there to cut the ty-wrap.  The ty-wrap is at the end of the arrow.  This looking down at the back of the engine, only about 1 1/2 inch of clearance.

Now it is lunch time.  So I am outside and running the generator to both exercise it and cool down the refrigerator.  The solar seems to be keeping the batteries charged.

Not sure how Ronnie did it but he got the Pac Brake Solenoid cut free and out of the coach.  Now to find the part.  I checked my data sheet on my coach and found the model number of the PacBrake.  Then more google research and I found the PacBrake part number for the solenoid.  The part is on order and should be here by noon tomorrow.  Ronnie said there is a lot of extra air line and wire so it looks like Monaco never mounted the solenoid where it could be accessed.  What should have taken no more than an hour has taken several techs looking at it and several hours.  It will be relocated when they put it back in.

So end of the day, Ronnie capped off the air line so we could build air and we moved over to one of their two full hook up sites.  We did not hook up the sewer but will dump when we pull forward to leave.  The plan is to work on the coach right where we are tomorrow and spend the night here tomorrow.  This is kind of the go to place in Elkhart for chassis work.  Both Motorhomes and trucks and heavy duty pickup trucks.  I know they churned out a lot of work today.

So hopefully we will finish up tomorrow, spend the night and then leave Elkhart on Friday.  Now to relax and little and enjoy the WiFi and some TV.  This is our spot for the next two nights.

Well thats it for the first part of this week.  If all goes well the Sunday update will be from Western NY.

Thanks For Checking In.





  1. perfect timing weather wise Bob, it will be hot and humid next week

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