East Bound and Down


Since we were not expecting parts to come in until noon we slept in a little, but we were ready to be worked on by 9.  The part came in before noon and Ronnie started working on it.  One of the other guys replaced the o-rings in all 6 of my leveling valves on the front system.  The back one was not leaking.  Ronnie decided to relocate the valve and I gave him a hand fishing up the air line and here is where it is mounted now.  It will be an easy job if it ever goes bad again.

It was almost 4:30 when he finished tying up the wires and making sure everything was working again.  It will be nice to have the exhaust brake working again.  We stayed in for the night and got to bed early.  We are ready to leave in the Morning.


We were up at 6:30 this morning and after breakfast we started to pack up and hook up.  The repaired tow bar works nicely and fits much tighter than it used to, must be the thick coat of paint.

Before I forget we got a couple pictures last night that showed our parking place for the next couple of months is ready. Jessie and Dana have been busy, hampered along the way by all the wet weather.

Looks like we have 50amp power.  Nice job.

I didn’t take any pictures today just focused on the 300 mile drive to Jefferson OH.  I went in and settled the bill with Ronnie, I thought he was very fair with the hours charged and even with the overnight shipping of the exhaust brake valve.  So after a quick swipe of the credit card we shook hands and we were on our way.  We hit the Indiana toll road, our EZPass still worked and we were East Bound with the pedal down.  We hit light rain most of the way here just enough to keep the road wet and make a mess of the coach and car.  Once we arrived at the Kenisee Thousand Trails Preserve we got checked in.  You park down the hill in a parking lot that really has no spaces marked out.  Check in was quick and they refunded my card for the veterans discount.

This is a great park for families lots to do and big fields for the kids to play in.  The streets are narrow and the sights are a bit muddy, also some low branches.  We got off the road a bit backing in with the right front tire so I have some cleaning to do now.  Looks like it will be fun getting out in the morning also.  But its quiet and full hook ups and no WiFi all for $44 a night.

The fun started when we unhooked the car in the road and it would not start. Another camper came by in a golf cart and offered to give me a jump from his truck.  When I opened the hood the battery connections were pretty bad.  But I figured the 3 year old battery might be bad.  I called Auto Zone and NAPA.  Both had batteries but Auto Zone offered to test mine and help clean the terminals.  So off to Auto Zone I went after we got hooked up.  They tested the battery and it said fully charged and good under load.  So I bought some cleaner and protector and parts guy came out and we cleaned the connections with their tools and my cleaner.  So I think we are all set again.  Cost $10, no charge for the labor.  Back at the coach I worked on paperwork from our visits to the shops and now after updating this I am heading to bed.  We want to be in Buffalo before 1pm to go to a church picnic with family.


We were up at 6:30am again today.  After a leisurely breakfast, we packed up, dumped and pulled out of the site.  No mud and no problems this morning.  Then we hooked up and departed Kenisee Lakes.  Very narrow roads and back country farm roads to get to it, never again.  We took our time 25mph top speed and made it out to the main highway.  Then we jumped on I-90 and headed for Irving, NY and the Native Pride truck stop on the Seneca Indian Reservation.  Great price for diesel and we topped off the tank.

Then back on the Thruway and our final stop for the day and for the next couple of months was our future Son-In-Laws in Holland, NY.  He and his son have a beautiful spot prepared for us for the summer.

No problem getting level and we hooked up to the new 50amp outlet no problems.  Then it was time to head for the church picnic.  Wow do they have a nice setup for outdoor events.  They had a water slide for the kids along with a bounce house.  Here is the slide.

Also a nice big pavilion.

The chicken BBQ was delicious and there were massive amounts of side dishes, I ate way to much and was done for the day, as far as food goes.  They even let us Seniors go first.

Alexus left early to pick up Alyssa from work.  We left a while later as Kaylee had to be taken for a CPR course as soon as she got off work.  But on the way I was able to get a treat at Tim Horton’s my favorite place for coffee.

After Dana and Elizabeth left to take Kaylee I worked on there internet which has not been working for about a week.  Turns out when they upgraded the speed Spectrum left the cable modem/router in the bridged mode.  I was able to switch it to the router mode and get everyone reconnected.  Even pretty good wireless speeds.

When I tested with the ethernet connection it was over 70 Mbs.  Someone highlighted Bailey’s eyebrows, I thought she looked cute.

A bit warm and humid here for us but we will adapt.  Its after midnight I need to hit the hay so I can get up for church in the am.  Good night from Western NY.


Well we certainly have had a busy day.  We were up and headed to church by 9:30 this morning.  Then after church we came home and Elizabeth made some lunch.  We also had our first visitors as Bonnie’s sister Donna stopped in with Eric our nephew.  It was nice to see them and get a quick visit in before lunch was ready.  Eric also helped Dana carry a wardrobe up to Alexus’s room.  After lunch we sang happy birthday to Kaylee and had cake and ice cream.  Then after a little while to relax we headed to the Sky Zone which is a trampoline place and was on Kaylee’s bucket list.  Here are the girls signing their injury waivers.

Notice the orange skyline socks on the jumpers

The birthday girl

Caught all three of the girls in the air

Then we planned to go to Antoinette’s in Depew but they were closed.  So we headed to the Red Caboose in East Aurora for some ice cream.

Everyone seemed to enjoy what they got

The Happy couple.

Then we headed for home, stopping for gas on the way home.  Kaylee was off to her friends house for a bonfire and we sat out a talked for a while.  Then Dana and I hooked up our water, spread a little stone and then called it a night.  We can’t keep up with their schedule so I am hoping to rest up tomorrow when they all got off to work or school.  Bonnie has headed to bed and I just realized tomorrow is our 46th Wedding Anniversary.  Thats about it for this week.

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  1. Enjoy the landmark in your marriage. You made good choices but more importantly, you made the choices good.

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