46 Years


Today is our 46th Wedding Anniversary, we set no alarms today and I was still up by 9 and Bonnie shortly afterwards.  I was up late last night researching which macerator I needed to buy so we can dump our tanks here.  That research continued today and I placed my order this evening before we went to dinner.  We took it easy today.  The heat and humidity were getting to us so I finally turned on the air conditioner.  Bonnie went up to see her sister Donna for a couple hours and I caught up with my blogs and video blogs that I watch.  Bonnie came back sooner than I thought she would and then her sister Carol stopped in just before we were leaving for dinner.  So we invited her to come with us.  Dana and Elizabeth were taking us to dinner at a newer Mexican place near Arcade.  The food was different but I thought it was very good and the portions were large.  We had a good time and it was very nice of them to take us.  Alexus worked today and Alyssa had her last day of classes, now for the exams.  Kaylee stayed overnight at here friends but I think she came home sometime today.

After dinner we sat out on the porch and talked, Dana and I were out until 11 I hope he is not to tired in the morning for work.  With that I am heading off to bed.


It was a little warm and humid all night long but I slept pretty good.  After breakfast and some blog reading we headed out.  We dropped Alyssa off at school for her math exam and then headed to Elizabeth’s apartment to do laundry and take showers.  Her apartment was stifling hot so we opened up the windows since the rain never happened today and turned on the fans.  Bonnie started the wash to get the sheets done and then headed for East Aurora for a facial treatment that was a gift.  I got a shower, worked on the Apple TV and then watched some Hulu.

Bonnie did a little shopping and then picked me up and we headed back to the coach.  Elizabeth was home first and she made grilled chicken salad for supper once Dana got home.  We did get to visit a little while the Chicken was cooking.

Jessie got home from his vacation and then Liz his girlfriend came over so we got to meet them and had a nice time visiting.  The temperature cooled off nicely but the mosquitos decided to come out and we all headed inside, some to the house and I headed to the coach.  Alexus came down for a quick visit and then Dana and Elizabeth visited for a minute before she headed home.  All in All a great day.


The humidity left and it was much cooler last night just perfect for sleeping.  I was up mid morning and Bonnie shortly there after.  Bonnie went up to the house to make coleslaw for supper and I watched a little Hulu.  Then I went up to the house to see how Alexus was doing.  Alyssa came home about that time from her exams.  She only has one more to do tomorrow.  Alexus has been cleaning and painting furniture in her room and finished it today.  She did have time to catch a chipmunk that got into the house and was running around.

Soon everyone was home and Bonnie heated up the pulled pork, Elizabeth put the French fries in the oven and soon we were all eating and having a good time.

We had some watermelon for dessert and then some good conversations.  Bonnie got to know Jessie one of Dana’s sons.

The evening passed quickly and thats about it for the first part of this week.

Thanks For Checking In.



  1. Are you staying in NY for the summer or what? You all seem to be enjoying the free lifestyle of rving. I’d love to do that. The house is such a responsibility.

    1. Yep we are in WNY for the summer until after Elizabeth’s wedding

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