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I am writing this on Friday as I got a bit behind.  I watched a little TV and waited on the Big Brown Truck today.  In between Alexus and I went to Tractor Supply and picked up some cat food that came in and then to Big Lots so she could get some stuff for her room.  Then a quick stop at Tim Hortons to pick up drinks for those back at the house.  Once we got home I took Kaylee to Three Valleys, the campground she works at.  Shortly after I got back UPS showed up.  They  brought the macerator, 100′ of 3/4″ hose and some pieces and parts.  The macerator needed some soldering done to connect wires so Dana put it in the car to take to work tomorrow.

Bonnie made Turkey and Rice for supper and then we visited for a while in the evening and I think that catches me up.


It was a bit warm today so we ran the AC all day.  Bonnie and the girls went shopping for a few hours so I caught up on some TV.  Shortly after they got home Dana called and asked if I could go up to the house and keep Ryan company until he got home to show him some sound equipment he may borrow.

We ordered pizza for supper and then tried to play a game that I don’t remember the name of.  But I don’t think we were in the right mood for playing it.  Jessie and Liz left for a bonfire and then Elizabeth won the game and by that time the mosquitos were biting and game night was over.

Dana and I got busy and setup the car, hose, which we had unrolled earlier, and macerator to see if we could dump our tanks in to the grinder that services his house.

We finished the job after a few breaks to allow the motor on the macerator to cool.  I did inspect the blades when we finished and there appears to be what may be part of a baby wipe caught on the blades.  Thats a job for tomorrow.  Otherwise all went well.  Time now to relax.


So it quite warm, hot for here and humid this morning.  I cleaned out the macerator, yep it was a baby wipe.  Not too bad of a job and at least it finished the job last night.  So that is all cleaned up and stored for at least a week I hope.  Bonnie and Elizabeth took off to go and work on shower things and were gone all day.  I chatted with Dana for a while and then did a little research and ordered some things on line that he needed.  His project was to put up a magnetic screen on the double doors going into the kitchen.  He had a few moderations to do since the screen only covers the one door.  It looks good and works even better.  Alyssa made us a nice lunch of toasted cheese and tomato soup, one of my favorites.   Then he had to take off for a friends bachelor party so I turned the AC on in the coach and watched some Deadliest Catch shows to catch up.

Finally everyone except Alexus was home and Bonnie brought me some Mighty Taco.  Then we headed up to watch a movie.  I watched part of it but could not really pay attention or hear very good.  Alexus got off work and made it home so she is here now.  So I came down to update the blog.  Now for a little Bob time.  I do need to take more pictures.


We were up this morning and off to church and arrived on time.  Pastor Jeff brought a good Fathers day message.  Afterwards we headed home for about an hour.  Then we headed up to Dana’s Dads house for his traditional Fathers day get together.  It was nice to meet James his other son and his brothers.  Then the rains came and it rained pretty hard for the rest of the time we were there.

We left just before 5 and headed to Carol’s, Bonnie’s sister.  She had planned a cookout so we could get together with family and also meet Bob the man she has been dating for a while.  So it was great to see lots of the family and some friends and spend some time with them.  If course I forgot to take pictures.

So I had a great Fathers Day and to top it off Elizabeth made me a raisin cake from my Mother’s recipe and it was delicious.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there and Thanks For Checking In!