Wet Weather


It rained a lot last night and brought in some cooler weather.  Elizabeth had taken the day off and when I talked to her she asked if I wanted to go for a pedicure today for one of my fathers day presents.  I said sure so she picked me up and we went to East Aurora to Varnished and got our pedicures, my second one ever.

Then after that we headed over to Main St to see Alexus at Home Grown Kitchen where she works.

We had her whip us up a couple of smoothies.  They were good but a little rich for my blood, but it is East Aurora.

Then we headed back home.  Bonnie and Elizabeth worked on supper and it was nice enough that we could all sit out and eat.  Jessie rolled in, in his new to him truck.  After supper Dana helped him check out the wiring for the trailer.

Then they put the battery charger on the old VW truck so they could start it and move it off the trailer.

The diesel powered VW only turned over a time or two and started right up, but the one back tire was frozen but it still moved.  Dana at the wheel.

Then while the ladies cleaned up.

I helped the guys work on the trailer wiring harness for on the truck.  Then headed to the coach.  It started to rain again just after I got to the coach.


More rain overnight and a little this morning.  Bonnie was up early and took Kaylee to an appointment and then shopping.  Alexus had an interview for a new job and then met them for some shopping also.  BTW she got the job.  Holland must contract for tree work and they showed up today and cut down a dead pine tree near the power lines, he threaded the bucket right through the lines.

De-limbed it


Took a few sections and then cut it off at the ground.

Bonnie and the girls got home right around that time.  I finished watching Little Big Shots and then Alexus and I headed to Pioneer Motorsports.  I was picking up some oil and filters for Dana and Alexus wanted to look at helmets.  They sure have a lot of nice machines on display.

I did not realize the Polaris Slingshot hat such a large engine.  176 HP.

I would have posed in it but was afraid I could not get back out.

We headed home for dinner as Bonnie was making spaghetti.  It was good and much appreciated.  It cooled off pretty rapidly this evening so I headed to the coach to warm up.  Should be in the 50s overnight.  We are fasting the rest of the night as we have to go for lab work in the morning.


Today is the first day of Summer, also the longest day of the year.  We are getting an early start as we are up and headed to Quest for lab work in preparation for Dr. visits next week, time for my physical.  The good news is while it rained last night it is dry this morning and forecast to be that way all day.

We were right on time for our lab work and they took us in within a couple minutes of us arriving.  The phlebotomist was really good and almost pain free.  We decided on breakfast at Charlie’s after that and headed up the street.

This is what we were doing before we moved have blood drawn and then go have breakfast.  They make their own rye and cinnamon bread, both really good toasted.  After breakfast Bonnie canceled going grocery shopping in favor of going home and taking a nap.

Right after we got home I got an email from Chase about a charge.  I always get these since we have had fraudulent charges before.  Sure enough this one was for a Room at a Hotel in Las Vegas and was for several hundred dollars.  So I called Chase and of course they canceled our cards and are sending new ones.  So no card for the next few days.

UPS had dropped off a couple orders, which included a cabin filter and engine air filter for our CR-V.  So I got busy and changed them.

Alyssa built a little fire and enjoyed it.

While Bailey kept watch over the yard

Alexus and I then started to work on her car.  The main issue was changing her windshield washer pump.  To do that we had to take off a front tire.  So that turned into a teachable moment.  She learned how to block the wheels, brake loose the lug nuts, then jack up the car and finally remove the tire.

Then with the tire removed we could fold back the wheel well liner and drain the reservoir and change the pump.

We got the pump in and had to go to the hardware store to get fuses to replace the one that was blown.  So the pump ran but we had a leak in a fitting.  We found that and fixed that problem.  She put the wheel liner back in place and then put the tire back on and even torqued it to the required 80ft/lbs.

We checked the other wheels and one loose, good that she caught that.  I was proud of her as she did everything but change the fuse herself.  She was proud of her mechanics hands.

While we were doing that Kaylee was busy.  With Bailey supervising she put a whole portable storage building together.  Alexus helped her with a couple things but she did 99% of it on her own.

After we finished the car we helped her with putting the big tarp over the top.  Here is the finished project, Great Job Kaylee.

Lots accomplished today, one more thing to do.  Post the blog.

Thanks For Checking In!