Happy Birthday


Today is my brides birthday, she has completed another trip around the sun.  Happy Birthday Bonnie.  She was actually up before me this morning.  Her sister Donna and nephew Eric came by and took her shopping and to lunch for her birthday.  I stayed here and pretty much laid low and waited for it to rain which it did.  But by afternoon the sun was out again and dried things up.

Elizabeth picked up the makings of a very good antipasto at Bonnie’s request and we had that for supper and then we had ice cream cake for desert.

Pretty low key celebration but thats how we roll.  Dana and I sat out on the deck and chatted until well after 10pm.  Elizabeth was in with the girls but headed home after she visited with us for a while sometime after 9.  Now its time for some rest.  Oh Alexus did send me a picture of me as I supervised her work on the car yesterday.

Time for some sleep.


It was not raining in the morning and Bonnie was off with the girls to pick strawberries after Kaylee had here TB test read, all is good.  Then Bonnie took Alexus car and went to Elizabeth’s to do the laundry.  By now it was raining again.  I took our car to Ray Laks Honda to catch up on the last two years of maintenance.  Front brakes, coolant flush, power steering flush, and of course an oil change.  So we should be all set for the next few years, by then I would guess we will have a different car.  Then back to the apartment to finish the wash.  Bonnie and Elizabeth had to go for Elizabeths final fitting of her dress.  Still raining.

Alexus was busy making a special meal for Bonnie.  Salmon and shrimp and a special salad.  It was very good.  Then we retired to the coach for the evening.  Alexus came down and we played the Amish game for a while.  It did cool off so we had a good nights sleep.


No rain this morning.  We headed to Carol’s house to make strawberry jam. Dana and Elizabeth were off to a wedding.

Getting the berries ready

Lots of sugar

Hot lids

Hot Cook

Even some rhubarb

Finished product

Additionally there were a couple desserts made and even some berries left over.

Took it easy for most of the rest of the day, I did pick Kaylee up from work and then we helped Dana move the new portable shelter so it is less affected by the wind.  The wind blew it over earlier today and there is a hole in the roof now. Then we chatted and and solved a few of the worlds problems and listened to the cars racing over at the speedway, except for when there was a brief rain shower.  Now its time for some shuteye.


Today was about Elizabeth, it was her shower day.  One of her co workers was the chief planner and about 30 friends and relatives attended the catered event.  Looks like she was having a good time.

Dana and I were invited to come around 3pm and we arrived right around that time.  She was in the middle of opening her gifts and we sat quietly on the side.  Another first for me attending a bridal shower.  Once it was over we did get to visit with friends and family as they were saying their goodbyes.  Then it did not take the girls long to clean up and load things into the cars for the trip home.

Once home we visited and ate our meals from the shower.  Then we had some of Bonnie’s strawberry desert and then headed for the coach.  I had all the camera’s to down load the pictures.  So far over 600, lots of editing to do.

Thats a wrap for this week, Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Tell Bonnie a belated Happy Birthday for me. And the Rhubarb jam looks delicious.

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