Rainy day and rainy nights


Two big events today.  Alexus was starting a new job which will give her forty hours a week, Congratulations.  She is cleaning for the schools system.  She found it on her own and I am proud of her for being willing to work hard this summer.  She is also hoping to keep working at her other job on the weekends.  The second big event was Kaylee taking her test for her drivers test.  She had a nine something  appointment.  Shortly after that we heard that she passed.  Later once she got home she came and told us about the test, said it was a nice older man that was the examiner and she had no deductions.  Congratulations.

It rained off and on most of the day sometimes a drizzle and sometimes a downpour with hail mixed in.  I guess I had forgotten how much it rains here this time of the year.  Today it rained enough that our door lock keypad is not working, in the past it has always started working again after it dried out.

Bonnie made chicken and salt potatoes for supper and banana bread muffins for desert.  It all was very good.  Then after supper we tried to look at the oil leak in Alexus car and it is definitely dripping from the bottom of the oil pan.  But we are not sure where.  Kaylee’s car is also dripping oil and we have ordered a new oil pan for it.  Time is at a premium here so hopefully there will be time to get the things fixed.  Then Dana hung some curtains and I cut and mounted some shelves.  Thats about it for today.


Rain and quite cool today.  It struggled to get into the low 60s today.  I drove over to Arcade to pick up some battery acid. I went to Tractor Supply, Auto Zone and NAPA, no one had any.  Pioneer motor sport only had 5 gals of their own.  Auto Zone told me the store in Springville had some.  So I called them and verified that they did have some.  So I drove down there and finally had some success.

So after supper Dana and I went to the garage and I filled the battery with the acid.  We let it sit for a good 20 minutes and then but a small charger on it.  I planned to go back in a couple hours and unplug it for the night.  I was watching TV and decided to wash the dishes on a commercial break.  Gurgle gurgle, the gray tank was full.  So I let Dana know we needed to dump either tonight or tomorrow morning.  He came back from Elizabeth’s and we dumped both tanks tonight.  It went pretty smoothly, much better than last time, took us about 45 minutes since we had to drag out the 100ft hose and all, but its done.  We should be good for another week.  Now its after midnight and I am still wound up.  Guess I will watch a show and then try to sleep.


No rain today.  I went up to the shop and plugged the battery in to charge for a while again and topped off the electrolyte.  While I was out I cleaned up the macerator and put it away.  Then waited about 90 minutes and went back to unplug the charger and finish up by tightening the plugs in the battery.  About that time the UPS Brown Truck pulled up and handed me our Amazon Echo.  They were on sale for one day on Monday so I ordered one.

Bonnie likes to have music playing and she can just talk to Alexa and play music and set the volume.  Set up was quick and easy and I think Bonnie likes it.

Then we headed to Elizabeths place for showers as we were headed out tonight.  We were invited to dinner by our friends the Georges.  They also happen to be the owners of our former house.  They certainly have made it into a wonderful home for themselves and their two boys and daughter opps I almost forgot Sadie their dog.  They remodeled the stairs and completely finished the basement.  They have added a couple small ponds, a pool, a trampoline and a very cool zip line.

They have made a very cool home for their kids to grow up in.  Then Darren, the kids, Sadie and I loaded up in the Polaris Ranger and I got a tour of all the new trails that have been made through the woods.  All very nice.  Then we sat on the porch and had a very nice visit until well after dark.  We did not spot any dear on the way home but I had to brake hard to miss a big fat Raccoon who crossed right in front of us.

We also left with two treasures.  When my Mom passed away we took the lamp from over her kitchen sink and moved it to the house.  When they remodeled Darren saved the lamp and gifted it back to us hopefully one of the kids will want it.   We also left with one our my favorite things.  The Georges tapped some of the Maple trees this past winter and made about 12 gallons of Maple Syrup and we were gifted a quart to take with us, Thank You so Much.

Thats a Wrap Thanks For Checking In!