Doctors and Demolition


We were up this morning and got ready to head into East Aurora.  We both had Dr. Appointments.  Mine was for a physical and Bonnies was for a routine checkup.  Both went well we both lost a little weight and my BP was very good.  From there we headed home.  We had a little rain today but for the most part it was dry.  Our mail shipment came today I was not expecting it until Saturday Kudos to the Post Office.  Jessie did a little grading today just outside the coach.  He also finished the repair on the mower and got the grass cut in between rain showers.

After work today a group of men from church showed up and helped gut the laundry room in preparation for it becoming a new bathroom for the family.  They took everything out of the room and took three walls down to the studs.  All the debris is in a green bag on a trailer out side.  There are a few nails and screws that still need to be removed but a lot of progress was made in just a couple hours.

Alexus and Kaylee along with Bailey and Reece ( a dog Kaylee is watching) came down to watch a move but we had trouble with the DVD player, so we watched Heartland on Netflix.  We paused it when they went to pick up Alyssa from work.  Then the men from church left and Dana and Elizabeth came down to visit.  The three girls and two dogs came back with pizza and wings and we visited and ate and finished the episode of Heartland.  Then everyone left and we cleaned up and did the dishes.

I walked up to the house then to check out what was done and it looks pretty good.  Dana was vacuuming and mopping to clean up some of the dust, while Elizabeth wiped up the counters in the kitchen, demolition is dirty business.  Then it was time to write this and relax a little.  Our grandson Harrison has a campus visit to Auburn in Alabama so they are driving down there tonight, so I am checking in with them once in a while.


It was raining this morning when we woke up so we both rolled over and went back to sleep.  It was still raining when I got up and when Bonnie got up.  I did dig out my small impact driver and went up to the house and removed all the drywall screws that were still in the wall after the guys tore off the drywall.  Then back to the coach in the rain.

The sun did come out mid afternoon and while humid out it was not all that bad.  Jessie started up an old Gravely tiller and I went outside to check because I was worried the garage was on fire.  Never saw a small engine burn so much oil.

Then when Dana and Elizabeth got home from work we headed to Springville for game night at our friends house.  Jim and I used to work together in the booth at church.  We played LCR.

Then we played Apples to Apples the rest of the night.

Jim is a Caretaker at the Senior Apartments where he lives.  He has a nice place and the apartments are very nice.

It was still dry when we drove home but it looks like another round of rain coming for later tonight.


Rained off and on today and I can’t think of much else that went on today.  Bonnie did a little shopping and I worked on my books and financial spreadsheets that I keep track of our spending on.  Then in the evening we watched the NASCAR race from Daytona.


We were up and off to church.  Then home and a quiet afternoon.  Bonnie’s sister Donna and nephew Eric stopped by for a visit and then Dana and Elizabeth came down to the coach for a visit and then Elizabeth went up to get supper ready and Bonnie did a meatloaf in the instant pot.  I sat out on the deck and talked with everyone until Elizabeth headed to her apartment and then came down to finish the blog and publish it.

So thats a wrap for this week, the time is flying by here.  Thanks For Checking in.