Independence Day


Alexus was the only one who had to work today, at least at her job.  Dana and Jessie were up early and working on pouring 1 3/4 yards of concrete in the basement.  The area will be used as a gym eventually.  On of the local supply centers has tow behind cement mixers for small batches of concrete.  Jessie got 1 1/4 yards on the first load.  This was the view from the coach.

This is the trailer used to haul and mix the concrete.

So from the mixer into the wheel barrow and then Jessie dumped it into the chute that lead into the basement.


On the inside Dana shoveled it into place and then used the bull float to Smooth it out.

Then a little troweling.  Meanwhile Jessie has left to get the second load.

All the concrete is in place now to finish it off.  Dana shoveled about 4 tons of concrete today, wow.

He was pretty tired and worn out by lunch time.  The girls made us a sandwich and then we moved on to some other projects.  Dana dug out an old power regulator for Jessie to use.  Then want to run some electronics off of a generator tonight.  I wired it up to they could plug it in and then plug in their equipment.

Then Alexus got home and needed to change the wipers on her car so I helped her with that and showed her how to do that.  Meanwhile Dana and Elizabeth to Alyssa to a dentist appointment.  Then we hooked up the freon gauges to Alexus car but the compressor is not running so we could not get it to work.  About that time Dana and Elizabeth showed up so we checked the Freon level in all of our cars and topped them off.

Then we loaded up and headed for Lime Lake to a friends house for a cookout and to watch the fireworks.

Even Bailey got to go.

Lots of food and visiting we had a really nice time.  The kids swam and there were even boat rides.  Then about dark the Flamingo turned on.

Some of the folks headed out on the pontoon boat and fishing boat to watch the fireworks.

The rest of us enjoyed them from the deck as it was after 10 when they started.

A lot of accomplishments today and a very enjoyable evening.  Best of all no rain.


Happy Independence Day!

Things were pretty quiet around here this morning until at least noon.  Elizabeth and Dana came down to visit for a while and then Kaylee.  They decided to go to James house for a while as he was having a picnic.  Bonnie got ready a while later and we took a ride up to her brother Brian’s place on the old farm.  He and Diane were there and so we visited for a while.  They were heading to their daughter Esther’s house.  Bonnie want to gift a 100 year old family cradle to her so we took a quick trip to our storage locker and brought back the cradle.

She is excited to get it for her baby as her great grandmother and others in the family were rocked in it.

Then we headed back to Holland and had supper at the Zider Zee we got there as they were closing but they served us and made sure we were well fed.  Then we headed back to Dana’s and had a piece of the Strawberry Rhubarb pie that I had picked up yesterday.  Its cooling off nicely and its time to relax.


Well its Thursday morning and I got a message from my sister “Where’s the Blog”. Yesterday was so un busy that I forgot about it.

About all I did was go over to Elizabeths apartment in the morning and took a shower.  Then came home as I thought Bonnie was going to do the wash but she decided to wait.  So we stayed in the coach and turned on the AC as it got quite warm and humid in the afternoon.  Alexus did come to visit after she got home and that was nice.  Never saw Elizabeth or Dana as they were out to get fitted for his Tux.

And thats a wrap, a day late, for the beginning of the week.  Thanks For Checking In!