Blogs are easy to write when we are traveling but when we are parked for the winter or summer it is difficult to find something interesting to write about.  This was evidenced most recently when I forgot to publish the 2/3 written blog last night.  At least my sister noticed and reminded me.

Today may be another day for running the AC as it is getting quite humid, I much prefer not to run it.  I like the quiet without it running.  Its also been nice not having it rain every day, but as I say that rain is back in the forecast.  I ran Kaylee to work and then Bonnie took the laundry to Elizabeth’s and did it.

Then she drove into East Aurora and picked up all but one of our RXs.  Tonight I plan to pump out the tanks and thats about it for today.  Hey our replacement Orb diffuser showed up and we tested it with some Joy essential oil.


Raining off and on today sometimes very hard.  I did sneak out in between storms and put the macerator away after wiping it down and drying it.  The rain continued off and on all day.  I did give Kaylee a ride to work but that was about it for the day.


Busy day here at the Brown homestead today.  A couple a weeks ago the tree trimmers cut down a tree but left the branches for Dana to clean up.  This morning he and the girls got busy.  He got busy and cut the branches into a manageable size.

Then Alexus hauled them over to the burn area.  Ready to load up the trailer.

Alyssa got a real nice fire going.

And Elizabeth and Bailey kept an eye on it.

Then we got a call from Dan D.  He was in town for his 50th class reunion and was going to stop by.  We had a real nice visit and caught up on the last few years since we had seen him.  Dan is a retired Nuclear Pharmacist.

Dana and Elizabeth came over to the coach also to say hello to Dan.  Dana kept an eye on the fire from the front seat of the coach.

After Dan left for his reunion Bonnie went to Arcade shopping.  Then when she got back we went up to the house to share the chicken she brought home with the girls.  Dana and Elizabeth left to go somewhere.  I finished watching a movie with them and then headed for the coach.  I was able to pick up the NASCAR race on the NBC Sports app and chrome cast it to the TV.  So we got to see Martin Truex win again.  Then it was off to bed.


We were up and headed to our former church, Crossroads Christian Church.  It was Sundae Sunday under the tent and also family day.  Pastor Pat preached a powerful message on family and kids.  While we listen to the services either on podcast or LiveStream it was great to be there in person and participate.  Children’s lesson.

We had a front row seat.

The guys in the booth are enjoying the service

Pastor Pat

Looks like a beautiful day is in store.

The day was beautiful, no rain perfect temperatures.  Bonnie’s sister stoped for a visit.  Then Bonnie helped Alexus work on the flower bed.  I watched some golf and then we had chicken and salad for supper.  And thats a wrap on this week.

Thanks For Checking In!